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Directors Close-Up: 2019's Top Doc Makers Share Their Nonfiction Obsessions

By: Film Independent | February 20, 2019

Directors Close-Up: 2019\'s Top Doc Makers Share...
Why are documentaries so important? They have the power to alter perspectives, to provoke and educate audiences in a way that's compelling and inspiring, even.

Week Three of Film Independent's 2019 Directors Close-Up series featured five filmmakers whose recent nonfiction films all managed to bring us closer to the truth with their deeply engaging, real-life narratives. The February 13 panel-titled Another Type of Narrative: The Truth of Docs-was moderated by Award-winning director Lisa Leeman, herself no stranger to intimate character-driven storytelling by shining a light on social issues, in films such as One Lucky Elephant and Out of Faith.

Joining Leeman were 2019 Film Independent Spirit Award-nominated filmmakers including On Her Shoulders' Alexandria Bombach, Of Fathers and Sons' Talal Derki, Minding the Gap's Bing Liu, Won't You Be My Neighbor?'s Morgan Neville and Shirkers director Sandi Tan.



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No female directors were nominated for a 2019 Oscar; here's what groups like Time's Up and Women In Film are doing about it

By: Women In Film | February 20, 2019

No female directors were nominated for a 2019 Oscar
When you look at the 2019 Oscars class of best director nominees, you have Spike Lee, Pawel Pawlikowski, Yorgos Lanthimos, Alfonso Cuaron and Adam McKay. They are all deserving of praise and acclaim for their films this past year, but not a single one is female.

You may think this might just be a down year for women behind the camera. It's not.

Since the Oscars began almost a century ago, just five women have been nominated for Best Director, with only Kathryn Bigelow taking home the award for her film "The Hurt Locker" in 2009. Last year Greta Gerwig was nominated for "Lady Bird," but lost to Guillermo del Toro.

A self-fulfilling prophecy

Melissa Silverstein, the founder of Women and Hollywood, a site dedicated to gender diversity and inclusion in the film industry, told "GMA" that it's important to look at all the factors behind this ...READ MORE>>

Exclusive interview with Wes Hagan: Locations Manager for Ozark and Boy Erased

By: The Location Managers Guild | February 18, 2019

Exclusive interview with Wes Hagan: Locations Manager
Wes Hagan is a successful location manager most commonly known for his work on the hit US TV series Ozark and the comedy The Internship. Here at Mandy News he talks about what it takes to be a location manager plus we get an exclusive insight into his new film Boy Erased starring Nicole Kidman, released in 2019.

Tell us how you got involved in location work for films and TV?
I'm Wes Hagan, I'm 47, and I've been doing locations for 20-plus years now. I started as a production assistant. I didn't really know what I was going to do at that point but I ran into a guy who was a location manager on a show that was understaffed and needed help. I helped him out as much as I could and the next thing I know, it was the next show. He called me to see ...READ MORE>>


By: Allied Studios | February 15, 2019

Allied Studios: Huge Studio, Backlot , + 1000 acre Movie Ranch
10+ Miles Inside Studio Zone
70,000+ s.f. of Fully Finished Stages
6,000 S.F. of Stages under construction
Business District Backlot
10-Acre Open Backlot
Practical Locations
1,000-Acre movie ranch -- minutes from campus

12,000+ s.f. of Offices
Abundant Crew/Truck Parking
Multiple Base Camp Capacity
Loading Docks
24/7 On-Site Security

Closer than Studios in Santa Clarita
Easy Freeway Access
Opposite of Traffic Flow
Quiet and Secluded


RENTAL TRACKER: Motion Picture Equipment Rental Software Specialists

By: Rental Tracker | February 14, 2019

RENTAL TRACKER: Production Equipment Rental Software
Inventory tracking and warehouse management software for Set Lighting, Costumes/Props, Camera, Trucks/Trailers and more. For more than 20 years, RTPro has been the leading software for the Entertainment Industry. Our software can be found in large studios with inventories greater than 500,000 assets and down to smaller shops with less than 1,000.

Some features and services that we offer, but never limited to - RFID, availability calendar, inventory projections, non-coded/barcoded, multi-location/language/currency, website development/customer portal, truck dispatch, dashboard, mobile app, business intelligence, eSignature, internal messaging, invoicing, cloud hosting services and much more.

Nobody understands the business better than we do! Customer focus and mastering the complexities of the industry has allowed us to become the first choice for all major studios and rental houses. RTPro provides a solution for all your inventory rentals, sales and warehouse management needs. Our background and practical studio/rental warehouse ...READ MORE>>

Little Dog: Big City! Life with a Metropolitan Pet!

By: Animals for Hollywood | February 13, 2019

Little Dog: Big City! Life with a Metropolitan Pet!
Moving to the city is a major adjustment for anyone, especially our canine friends! Try these pet training tricks from head trainer, Ursula Brauner, to ease the big city transition for your dog!

Head dog trainer, Ursula Brauner, talks about some great training tips on how to have a ...READ MORE>>

Set Masters amazing builds are brought to life for Netflix's, "Super Fan Builds"

By: Set Masters | February 12, 2019

Super Fan Builds: Set Masters builds are brought to life for Netflix
Iconic set fabrication company, Set Masters, has announced that a new Netflix series called "Super-Fan Builds" is now available for streaming. Set Masters, who has been in the set fabrication industry for over 20 years, takes you behind the scenes to show just how some of their amazing builds are brought to life.

Industry News Image

Owner and CEO Shane Hammond explains how each build is skillfully made in the series. The series debuted on Netflix with 11 episodes each containing 2 builds with a total of 22 builds. Set Masters can be seen on Super-Fan Builds which is now available on Netflix.

Industry News Image

Contact us at (818) 982-1506


By: ANTENNA CREATIVE | February 11, 2019

Antenna Creative has been launched as a new, top-tier, motion design studio for feature films, TV, commercials, branded content, videogames, and experiential attractions. The new company specializes in title sequence design; broadcast design; branding; logos; experiential design; live action production; and editorial.

Antenna Creative's founders are Lucas Christman and Jarik van Sluijs, two award-winning Creative Directors, and Alexandra Hancock, a noted motion graphics and live action producer. Collectively, the team have many years of experience, ranging from renowned work in the field of title sequence design to groundbreaking broadcast design packages, and from pioneering motion picture marketing campaigns to forward-thinking brand experiences.

The work of Christman, van Sluijs, and Hancock has been seen around the world - on screens large and small - across all media platforms, for many top entertainment industry companies, including Amazon, Netflix, Marvel, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, ...READ MORE>>


By: M3 Creative | February 11, 2019

Los Angeles, CA, February 11, 2019 - Entrepreneur Media, Inc., and M3 Creative have entered into a new partnership that establishes M3 Creative as Entrepreneur Media's content creation production studio. M3 Creative will create customized narrative, reality and branded content for Entrepreneur Media across all of its digital platforms: online, streaming and mobile.

Today's announcement builds on the relationship that began between the two companies in early 2018 when M3 Creative produced season two of Entrepreneur magazine's Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch reality series, which was seen by over 25 million people. The show features entrepreneurs pitching their potentially billion-dollar ideas to a panel of high-profile investors.

"Our relationship with the M3 Creative team has been ideal and we are excited to expand their role in the creation of our original content," said Bill Shaw, President of Entrepreneur Media. "They provided exactly what we needed for our Elevator Pitch series. ...READ MORE>>

Celebrating 10 Cutting Edge Years New Media Film Festival Announces Early Line-up

By: New Media Film Festival | February 8, 2019

New Media Film Festival Announces Early Line-up
On the occasion of celebrating 10 cutting-edge years, the New Media Film Festival announces the early line-up for the 10th Annual Film Festival. World Premieres from USA, Germany, UK, Canada and Scotland as well as celebrity driven content including Billy Bob Thornton are part of early selects.

Los Angeles, CA (February 02, 2019) - The founders of New Media Film Festival very well understands that it is essential to rightly reward the stories that are worth telling. So, the organizers conduct the Film Festival every year. This year, they are celebrating the 10 years of cutting-edge awards through the festival as well as a place where creativity is fostered and solid relationships in the industry are built.

The New Media Film Festival announces that the line-up this year will include web series, virtual reality and 360, trailer, student, steam, socially responsible content, sniplers, shorts, script to name a ...READ MORE>>

New Production Facility In Town: Crimson Studios

By: Crimson Studios | February 7, 2019

New Production Facility In Town: Crimson Studios
Crimson Studios Group provides a unique space for any film or television production. As a full-service studio, we offer on-site audio, video, lighting, and editing departments. Our studio technicians provide each production with a personalized and professional experience. CSG uses only state of the art audio, video, and lighting along with live production and streaming capabilities making it simple to turn a professional production product.

With big powerhouses like Netflix, Viacom, OWN, and Hulu, buying up all the older sound stages around town, it's exciting to see a brand new pristine 125,000 sq ft, 3 Acre Multimedia Facility make its debut.

This is Crimson Production Studios, a brand spanking NEW state of the art sound stage studio consisting of 5 sound proof stages, 13 edit bays, 9 star dressing rooms (and 25 additional regular dressing rooms), 5 wardrobe rooms, 5 green rooms, 3 conference rooms, and ...READ MORE>>


By: Stun | February 6, 2019

Stun, an award winning content studio and commercial production company, has launched a new "DIGITAL 360" division and, concurrently, has named Renee Samms as Head of DIGITAL 360. The announcement was made today by Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, Principals & Co-Founders of Stun.

Stun's current DIGITAL 360 clients include: Fox Searchlight/Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers, the NFL, HBO Social, NBCU Snapchat Integrations, WarnerMusic Group, Sony Theatrical, Universal Theatrical, Dreamscape VR, and #SeeHer, among others.

The vision behind the creation of Stun's new DIGITAL 360 division is driven by a Transmedia Branding strategy - delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, and in the right place. As social and digital media have become key to success in today's mobile-first world - with people moving across platforms every time they sign-in online - Stun's thinking is that brand messaging should move across platforms too, ...READ MORE>>

Save the date: Power Gems at Matthews Garage Sale

By: Power Gems | May 25, 2018

Save the date: Power Gems at Matthews Garage Sale
On Sunday 3 June - the day after Cine Gear - Power Gems will be at the Manufacturers' overstock and demo sale hosted by Matthews Studio Equipment. If the past four years are anything to go by, you'll want to be there to take advantage of deep discounts.

Among the great discounts last year was 70% off as the vendors got rid of overstocked items, leading to huge savings that were only available on the day.

Power Gems will be in good company, also returning are K5600, Kinotehnik, Hive Lighting, Litegear and Vocas plus many more.

Dan and Chip will be leaving our new premises in Santa Clarita, to bring the latest generation of ballasts for demonstrations throughout the afternoon. If you are thinking of buying a ballast, you may want to get there when the doors open at 2pm. We have been known to ...READ MORE>>