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May 8, 2024

June 5 (online) June 6 (in Los Angeles) 2024 Join us for a spectacular showcase of New Media spanning Prince William, SAG winner Matthew Modine, to 2-time GRAMMY nominee Leonard Eckhaus at 15th New Media Film Festival®

The entertainment world is abuzz with the latest happenings: Prince William does a substantive intro in Rhino Man, a poignant documentary that has garnered praise from Dr. Jane Goodall for its spotlight on wildlife rangers. Meanwhile, SAG winner Matthew Modine has taken the helm of Leon Vitali's (known for collaborating with Stanley Kubrick) final film, promising a unique cinematic experience. In the realm of music and children's entertainment, Leonard Eckhaus, a two-time GRAMMY nominee, is making waves with a new children's show that's sure to captivate young audiences.

Tickets starting at $10

pic = posters from June 5th online schedule (not including scripts)


The 15th anniversary of a festival is a remarkable achievement, marking a significant journey through time and innovation. This milestone is an opportunity to reflect on the past while embracing the future, especially through the lens of story & technology.

The festival's programming promises a seamless blend of nostalgia and futurism, offering experiences that transport attendees from the golden age to the outer edges of technology. Los Angeles is set to host premieres classic stories and of AR, VR, Metaverse & AI experiences that are both timeless and groundbreaking, including a life-size AR locomotive from the golden age era and an extraordinary AR out of this world art experience.

Tickets starting at $10

"Stories that exemplify the power of the cinematic arts to inspire and transform." - Los Angeles Times

Step into the future of storytelling at New Media Film Festival®, where innovation meets imagination. From groundbreaking content across the globe to interactive experiences like VR and AR, this festival is a beacon for the avant-garde, the pioneers, and the storytellers of tomorrow. Celebrate the fusion of technology and artistry, and be part of the narrative that's shaping the future of new media. It's not just a festival; it's a movement where every creator's voice can echo through the halls of innovation. June 5-6

Tickets are only sold in advance.

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