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Dance Floors Galore!

April 5, 2023

Dance Floors Galore!
Rose Brand dance floors have the quality and features that performers (and accountants) adore. We have floors for every type of use including stage, studio, general purpose, temporary & inexpensive, long wearing, cushioned, printable, reversible, reflective, matte and more. See our handy Floor Selection Guide to help sort through the options.

Ballare Matte or Gloss Floor
Matte and gloss are excellent general purpose floors available in colors.
Matte Cut: $29.50 per ft
Matte Full Roll: $26.55 per ft

Glide Floor
Our best quality performance floor for stage and dance.
Cut: $25.87 per ft
Full Roll: $23.49 per ft

Expo Floor
Light-weight, highly affordable.
Cut: $19.83 per ft
Full Roll: $17.85 per ft

Dura Floor
Heavy duty, durable floor. Resists scuffs. Slip resistant.
Cut: $23.57 per ft
Full Roll: $21.41 per ft

Superior, heavy-duty. Reversible. Meets the most demanding durability expectations.
Cut: $25.29 per ft
Full Piece: $22.97 per ft

Dolce Plus
Durable and extra comfort & safety from a 6mm thick cushioning layer.
Cut: $33.91 per ft
Full Roll: $30.80 per ft

A long life, gently cushioned floor for stage, dance, rehearsal rooms, expos or gyms.
Cut: $29.60 per ft
Full Piece: $26.89 per ft

Mirror Floor
Create a stunning first impression for product roll outs, fashion shows, parties, and more!
Cut: $33.00 per ft
Full Roll: $28.00 per ft

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