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Cinevo Cinema Equipment Rentals Talks Arizona Tax Incentives With Moviemaker Magazine

February 14, 2023

Cinevo Cinema Equipment Rentals Talks Arizona Tax Incentives With Moviemaker Magazine
Phoenix, AZ, February 14, 2023 - Jeff Becker, President and CEO, talks with Moviemaker Magazine about the new Arizona tax incentives designed to attract movie and TV productions to the state.

Moviemaker Magazine featured Cinevo Cinema Equipment Rentals in their Winter 2023 issue, called How Cinevo president and CEO Jeff Becker found his calling, which focused on Jeff Becker's story of the inception of his company and how he was excited about the new Arizona tax incentives that will give a boost to his company.

Arizona has finally signed the Arizona Motion Picture Production Plan into law, which will provide 15% to 20% tax credits for film and television productions. Becker was excited about the prospects his company Cinevo would obtain because of the new Arizona tax incentive that promises millions to those bringing movie and TV production projects to Arizona.

For years, other states, such as New Mexico, have had 25% to 35% film tax credits for those who choose to shoot their video productions in the state and meet film production tax credit requirements. Becker expressed frustration about Arizona taking so long to adopt the same policies saying,

      "If there were a level playing field, a lot of those projects that are currently in New Mexico would just be shot in Arizona."

Even California, a state that never had to offer these incentives, offers those now. For example, California's incentive program has resulted in 29 TV shows being relocated from other states to California.

Becker doesn't expect an influx of business right away. He says,

      "I think what's going to happen is, as people are trying to decide where they want to shoot their project, now we're a consideration."

Once Arizona is selected for video production projects, Cinevo will be able to provide production-ready, high-quality cameras and lenses for production companies to rent and, at the same time, provide studio space and crews to help with the video productions.

About Cinevo

Cinevo not only provides the camera and lens for video production shoots, but it also can provide the crew, studio space, and production support needed for middle-market video production projects. They serve Phoenix, Los Angeles, and all over the United States. Fill out a contact form to learn more about how Cinevo can help, or send a gear list.

Cinevo Cinema Equipment Rentals in Phoenix

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