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A Cine Gear to Remember

June 8, 2023

A Cine Gear to Remember
Thanks to everyone who visited the ZEISS booth at Cine Gear this year! Special shoutout and congratulations to our lens giveaway winner, Tamiah B.! We'd also like to thank the HBO Camera Assessment Series team, the Digital Cinema Society, and all who attended the 2023 HBO CAS screening. We hope you took lots of notes! Click below to view more information about our modern cinema lenses and CinCraft Mapper.

Meet us at Filmscape Chicago!

Stop by the ZEISS booth #A4, on June 24th and 25th at Filmscape. Filmscape is a nonprofit in the city of Chicago, focusing on bringing world-class education to the Midwest film and television communities, completely for free. Don't miss our sessions on The Science of Lens Flares, and Women in VFX, during the two-day event with additional classes, networking, and more!

ZEISS Conversations with Jonathan Ingalls

Thursday June 29th at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

The next installment of ZEISS Conversations is coming up on June 29th! Our latest exciting episode is with Jonathan Ingalls, the renowned expert in the field of documentary cinematography. We'll start the conversation with his latest project: "100 Years of Warner Bros.," shot on ZEISS CP.3 and CZ.2 Cinema Zooms. At the end, we'll have time to cover other favorites such as "Blackfish," "The Imagineering Story," and we'll take questions from the audience.

Interview with Riju Das

Click below to read our in-depth Q&A with cinematographer Riju Das. Das shares about using ZEISS CP.3 and CP.2 lenses to achieve the cinematic look on the beautifully meditative film, "All That Breathes." This year, Das was presented with the ASC Award for Documentary Feature along with Ben Bernhard, his co-DP.

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