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Locations & Stages In Los Angeles As Production Shooting Sites

Deciding the location in Los Angeles of the film or entertainment project is vital to the pre-production stages of filmmaking and commercial photography. Once directors, producers and screenwriters concur on an overall vision for a project, locations must be selected based on scenes that will be storyboarded to provide the detail that will determine indoor stages, outdoor locations or backlots for production. Locations may include casinos, airports & hangars, ranches, hotels, restaurants, bars & lounges, etc. Studios & stages offer production companies climate and sound controlled environments for filming. A Studio may provide sound stages, lighting and grip rentals & expendables, green screen stages, prop rentals, rehearsal studios, makeup/wardrobe rooms, dressing rooms, production offices, camera packages, transportation, production supplies, graphic design & sign shop, moldmaking, construction supplies and warehousing facilities.

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