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Production News & Events

January 31, 2024

Production News & Events
Congratulations to Faires Wheel Films
ACID Canal documentary winner at Cannes

Congrats to Faires Wheel Films for their win in the Environmental Film Category at Cannes World Film Festival! Well done!

We are thrilled to share the official trailer which just released. To follow their journey you can find them on Facebook and Instagram @acidcanalfilm.
Read more about Tyler Faires in our local spotlight below!

Submissions Open
Sundial Film Festival, Redding

The Sundial Film Festival is preparing for their 16th annual event on March 30, 2024 and submissions are now open through March 9!

Check out the link below FMI: sundialfilmfestival2

Meet us at Sonoma International Film Festival 2024
March 20-24, Sonoma

We are excited to be a sponsor and attendee once again at the Sonoma International Film Festival! If you plan to attend we would love to meet you! You can reach out to us directly by emailing Hope to see you there!
FMI: Sonoma International Film Festival

Casting Call
Non-Union, Feature Mar 2024

Filming in March in Shasta County.
Paid, Non-Union, producer with many credits.
Feature, horror

PAUL - lead, male, late 20s-early 30s (2 weeks)
MAX - female, 30s, fit (few days)
DELIVERY DRIVER - male, 20s-40s (2-3 days)
COP - male, 40s-50s (1-2 days)
ASIAN MEN - male, Asian, 20s-40s (1 day)
MEN IN MARKET - male, 20s-50s (1-2 days)
DAYCARE WORKER - female, 20s-40s (1 day)
4 CHILDREN AT DAYCARE - various, age 4 and under (1 day)
4-5 CHILDREN - to appear in photos with lead characters, male or female, African American, age 4-14 (1 day)
MARTHA - female, 20s-30s (1 day)
ROGER - male, 20s-30s (1 day)
Submit for a role

Local Filmmakers Invited
Monthly Coalition

Hello fellow filmmakers and media makers, the Shasta County Arts Council Media Coalition would like to invite you to the new monthly meetings. The goal is to create a group of local media artists and content creators to share resources, job referrals, training and just create a more connected community of creators in the North State. Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at the IOOF Hall from 12-1pm. Hope to see you there February 8th!
FMI: contact Tyler Faires

Locations Needed
March 2024

Ranch house needed with the following:

high ceilings in living room and/or family room
separate kitchen closed to dining area
attached garage.

Production details:

Non-union feature, horror
Home needed for 7 days
Approximately 10 cast/crew

Submit your location

California Tax Credit News
Upcoming Application Dates

Television Series

Recurring & Relocating TV: February 26-28, 2024
Phase II: February 29 - March 4, 2024

New, Pilot & Miniseries:
March 4-6, 2024

Phase II: March 7-11, 2024

FMI or to apply visit: Tax Credit | California Film Commission

Local Spotlight
Tyler Faires, Faires Wheel Films

Tyler Faires is the owner and operator of Faires Wheel Films production company located in Redding, CA. His primary roles are directing and producing, but he does quite a bit of the cinematography and editing as well.

He has had a strong interest in film from a young age. In high school he filmed on his old DV camera and later he interned for Jesse Rosten, another filmmaker from Redding. His desire only grew and after he completed his internship, he went to film school at The Art Institute of Santa Monica.

While he appreciated many elements in the Los Angeles area, he always liked the slower pace Redding had to offer. After film school he moved back and started his production company in 2008.

Tyler mainly works on documentaries and corporate projects. He really enjoys the process and scale of documentaries and how many connections are created with the people on each project. Generally, Tyler likes to work on documentaries that are more socially driven and tell the story about the interdependence of people and the planet. Tyler enjoys the challenge of telling a story in a creative way that resonates with the audience and ultimately help to address or solve a problem.

He has filmed over 750 videos in the last 16 years, but he really enjoyed the latest film that he's been working on for the last year and a half, "ACID Canal", based on the Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District (A.C.I.D.). The film has been accepted to 14 film festivals all around the world. It has had some great press as well as securing educational distribution, which means the film will be distributed through colleges, universities and schools. One of the festivals it was accepted to is the Cannes World Film Festival and the film was just recently announced as "Best Environmental Film" winner! He was grateful to have had time to fully tell the story and be as factual and educated as possible with the content.

His goal now is to continue to work on things that impact people. One example of this was a project that raised millions of dollars for water wells in West Africa and another success for a domestic violence shelter. "That's the stuff I really care about, the stuff that will stick around after I'm gone, and help serve people" shares Faires.

The slower pace of life wasn't the only benefit of returning to Redding. The diversity of the landscape in Northern California makes our area appealing to filmmakers. Tyler shares that "we have really interesting locations, people groups, and everyone in the area is so welcoming. The work/life balance here is also really great." "I want it to be seen, and I want to make enough money to continue to do it". He does it for the comfortability rather than the lifestyle associated with being a director, filmmaker.

Tyler is very invested in the success of the arts in Redding. He is a board member of the Shasta County Arts Council (SCAC) and a member of the advisory committee for the Cascade Theater. He has also launched a media coalition with support from the SCAC. With these efforts he hopes to continue to build the film community in our area. Tyler recently hosted documentary filmmakers from New York who were blown away by our area and shared that they said it's 'the place to be' to film material like they do, and we agree!

Faires Wheel Films is currently looking for partners on their upcoming documentary concepts and encourage individuals to reach out for more information on how to get involved.

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Some Highlights from recent events:
California On Location Awards and FOCUS

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