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January 9, 2023

<i>Tim Campbell Vocal Ink Production 2023</i>
Charlotte, N.C., January 9, 2023 - Vocal Ink Production (VIP), which provides full-service audio production services for clients working across every conceivable music genre, while also providing audio post-production for film, television, advertising and social media projects and campaigns, is celebrating the One Year Anniversary of its Vocal Ink Production South Recording Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. The announcement was made by Tim Campbell, Founder/Engineer/Producer, Vocal Ink Production.

Regarding the first-year milestone of his N.C.-based site, Mr. Campbell said, "Our Charlotte recording studio was expertly and meticulously designed by Nashville Studio designer David Rochester of Technical Audio Services back in 2009. David really outdid himself when he originally constructed this space for Fred Story, the multi-award-winning composer and owner of Storyline Music + Mix. During the course of our first year of ownership, VIP South has since become one of Charlotte's largest and most professional recording and production facilities. Capitol Records has begun working with us, and many North and South Carolina music artists have discovered us as well. In fact, Fred Story himself continues to use the facility for his larger-scale productions!"

Mr. Campbell also explained that two-time Grammy Award-winning Producer Cedric Thompson works exclusively from the Vocal Ink Production South Recording Studio, while renowned engineer Donte Dowling additionally does a great deal of his production work there - with both men bringing many major-label gospel recording artists to the studio for recording. "With our expansion into this 3,500 square-foot Charlotte facility, our doors have since opened to recording sessions of almost every possible size. Our first year in North Carolina alone has brought us artists in genres such as Country, Punk, Ska, Metal, Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop and Orchestral, not to mention our additional work for Audiobook releases and countless voice-over projects," Campbell adds.

Recent clients and projects recorded at Vocal Ink Production South have included: Jonathan Traylor (Capitol CMG); Local Ska band Bakalao Stars; Texas Ska band Los Skarnales; local country-rock band Fox N Vead; and many other artists in hip-hop, rock and gospel, as well as corporate jingles.

"Meanwhile, our original site in Western Maryland, the Vocal Ink Production North Recording Studio, continues to run as smoothly as ever, 13 years after we opened the doors there. The North Recording Studio remains in the very capable hands of my two talented and long-trusted engineers, Alec Hudson and Josh Hahn, along with the equally gifted engineer Noah Hefner. Our Maryland recording studio has two control rooms, one live room and one vocal booth. VIP North remains the go-to recording studio for Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia music artists of all genres, as well as clients and projects coming in from West Virginia and Pennsylvania also.

Adds noted composer Fred Story, "I continue to record projects for Storyline Music + Mix at Vocal Ink Production South. There's nowhere in Charlotte I'd rather record, and Tim is a terrific engineer. I'm happy that he recognized the love and care that went into the creation of this facility back in 2009. Under Tim's ownership, the recording studio has since become the centerpiece of the audio production and post-production universe in Charlotte. The music and production communities here have quickly embraced Tim's vision, and I'm not the least bit surprised by his remarkable success in North Carolina!"

"The bottom line is this - because of the exceptional acoustic environments in our two state-of-the-art recording studios, and the expertise of our amazing Engineers and Producers - who have more than 30 years of combined experience - Vocal Ink Production today stands bigger and better than ever. We have the ability to handle any conceivable audio project, large or small, within two major and important geographic centers of American media production and post-production," Campbell concludes.


Founded by Tim Campbell in 2010, Vocal Ink Production (VIP) owns and operates two state-of-the-art Recording Studios: VIP North, located in Western Maryland, and VIP South, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. With more than 30 years of combined experience from the company's engineering and production staff, Vocal Ink ensures that each of its client's projects come to life with the most professional and quality sound.

Vocal Ink services clients in genres ranging from Rock, Country, Hip Hop, R&B and Gospel, and even provides audio post-production for film, television, advertising and social media marketing. The company's clients have included several famous YouTube stars, a number of indie music artists across all genres, radio commercial jingles for local area businesses, and some VO work for the hit TV series, "Lucifer."

The company's sonic possibilities are endless. Vocal Ink strives to create a safe and fun environment for its extensive and diverse clients, while maintaining the utmost care in recording and mixing. For more information visit:

Instagram: @vocal_ink_production
Tik Tok: @vocal_ink_production

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