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The Temple of Vroom: The World's Largest Private Man Cave!

October 25, 2021

The Temple of Vroom: The World\'s Largest Private Man Cave!
Fresno CA, April 20, 2021.

Monster City Studios has built some MASSIVE and AMAZING themed environments. One of them is our "Temple of Vroom", a 6,000 square foot "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom" inspired man cave.

It's hard to grasp the immense size of this installation. Remember, this is not for an amusement park, it's not for some kind of crazy commercial endeavor, this is a private individual's man cave. It's used for his family as a play space and entertaining family & friends. The main room is 120 feet (36.5 meters) long x 60 feet (18.25 meters) wide. The ceilings are 18' tall. The main bar has a seating capacity of 70 people.

The space hosts 150+ DMX, computer-controlled lights that are all programmed for various events like dinners, fund-raisersor just relaxing. There is a dance floor and DJ booth ( of course) as well as a video game, billiards and pinball machine area. There are also three different Indiana Jones pinball games.

There's two massive 22' long digitally controlled shuffleboard table as well as air hockey. Oh yeah, above the bar there's two80" 4K TVs coupled to a Playstation system, Xbox, and Wii.

About Monster City Studios

Monster City Studios is a custom fabricator of theme park attractions, zoos, aquariums, museums, and experiential marketing displays. Fabrication capabilities include steel/metal, carpentry, CNC mill-work, fiberglass, mold-making, foam carving, polyurethane coating, and scenic painting. Everything is done in-house from our 20,000 square foot fabrication facility located in the heart of the Central Valley of California.

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