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Set Masters is a Design and Fabrication Company

By: Set Masters | July 16, 2018

Set Masters is a Design and Fabrication Company

Set Masters is a design and fabrication company that specializes in producing results. With tremendous in-house capacity, our clients come to us because we are fast, efficient and meet deadlines. Our creative team is closely involved in every final product. Anything we produce will only leave our studio after careful inspection and testing. This minimizes the risk of any surprises.

Set Masters performs work for: Production Designers, Prop Masters, Interior Designers, Branding Agencies, Event Producers, etc. Feel free to contact us for custom props and scenery for film, television, theater, live events, exhibitions, architectural art, public reception areas and themed environments. Below is a list of our credentials.

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Set Masters is a resource to anyone with a great idea. As a design and fabrication company with over 15 years of experience, we have mastered a wide variety of services. We bring our clients' imaginative wants and needs to life to create an experience like never before. See for yourself and check out some of our work below.


Super-Fan Builds is a Youtube show that we are excited to be apart of. Super-Fan Builds follows top prop makers and craftsmen who create priceless collectibles for super-fans of movies, video games, comic books and more. In this episode that we have featured here on our website, you can watch us build our version of a hot tub time machine with inspiration from the movie Back to the Future.

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