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Molding Cloth
Make Fabulous Textured Designs Quickly On Site

February 16, 2023

Molding Cloth<br />Make Fabulous Textured Designs Quickly On Site

Create unique, textured scenery easily with our line of Brusan Molding Cloth. This innovative, paintable, reusable fabric is backed with aluminum and simple to mold into different shapes. Create rock formations, trees, ice, snow and more. Check out all of the different options below. (Limited inventory on some designs so act quickly.) Buy online or call our Sales representatives at 1-800-223-1624.

Printed Canvas/Forest, FR
The most realistic looking trees are the easiest to create. Easy to form, cut and stitch; use the forest printed cloth for your next scenic tree.

Printed Canvas/Stone, FR
Eliminate the risk of heavy falling objects from overheard structures. At 0.8 lbs per square meter, you can form risk free ceilings and caves with our stone printed cloth.

Metallic/Ice, FR
Ice that doesn't melt! Use our icy molding cloth to create walls with the look and sheen of ice.

Snow, FR
Simulate the look of snow every day or once a year. All of our molding cloths are reusable. Fire and waterproof.

Natural Canvas, FR
Purchase single or doubled sided and paint with your own design. Perfect for making any idea 3 dimensional and textured.

Printed Canvas/Earth, FR
Our earth printed option mimics the look of red clay. Ideal for earthy, natural themed events or productions.

Melting Mirror, FR
Shiny, reflective surface enables your moldable creation to catch light and reflection from all angles. Single sided,

Silver Metallic, FR
With a 100 micron aluminum center for molding, the single-sided, printed silver pattern is ready to be molded into any shape.

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