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Pro-Cam expands rental fleet of Scorpio remote heads and telescopic cranes

October 28, 2022

Pro-Cam expands rental fleet
Pro-Cam Rentals, North America's largest stabilized remote heads and camera cranes provider, has expanded it's rental fleet of ServiceVision manufactured equipment to include the Scorpio V Mini and Scorpio V stabilized remote heads, and Scorpio 38' telescopic cranes. The Scorpio V's will fold in with the current Scorpio inventory of the classic stabilized and mini non-stabilized remote heads, and the 38 footers will fold in with the current inventory of Scorpio 10', 23' and 45' telescopic cranes.

"Our cinematography clients require the latest stabilization technology and feature improvements to push the visual limits with ease and efficiency," said Brian Breithaupt, President of Pro-Cam Rentals. "Our ServiceVision investments in Scorpio gear represents a continued commitment to offering productions the latest stabilization and telescopic capabilities, functionality, features, and time savings."

The new Scorpio V Mini remote head offers high quality stabilization using powerful gyros, 3-axis of movement for up to 45 pounds of camera payload, from a lighter and more compact form factor.

The bigger Scorpio V stabilized remote head was built on the principles and engineering of the Scorpio Classic, with evolved stabilization from new and improved gyros and mechanical engineering, and new software designed to detect a broad range of frequencies of vibrations with enough speed to correct faster than other heads. Plus it has new technician-friendly controls for faster adjustments to stability, drift, and horizon. The Scorpio V offers a full size frame for quick and easy camera installation of larger payloads up to 100 pounds, programmable limits, backpan compensation, wireless capability, and motion repeatability (even in stabilization mode).

The Scorpio 38' is an evolution of the Scorpio 30' + 7' crane, offering an ideal size between Pro-Cam's 23' and the 45' crane lengths, especially when chassis footprint is a concern. The crane can carry a maximum payload of 154 pounds, reach a maximum lens height of 40' overslung or 36' underslung, and extend and retract as fast as 8.6 feet per second within a 30'7" telescopic range. At its minimal configuration, the chassis is only 3'9" wide by 5'11" long, and can dolly on 2' track. The chassis width can be adjusted out to a maximum 5' wide to dolly on 3'3" track. The minimum door clearance is 6'11".

About Pro-Cam

Pro-Cam Rentals, Inc. specializes in camera movement technologies, offering productions filming throughout the world the largest and most diverse inventory of remote heads, telescopic cranes, drones, mobile bases, and specialty cinema accessories from seven full-service locations throughout the United States and Canada. The company carries cinema equipment brands including SuperTechnocrane, Scorpio, MovieBird, Libra, and Mo-Sys, to name a few.

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