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Business Owners, Get Your ERC Payroll Tax Refund

August 8, 2023

Business Owners, Get Your ERC Payroll Tax Refund
This includes entertainment industry services. Park Settlement is a Los Angeles based expert in ERC helping businesses just like you claim their credit, all at no out of pocket costs. They get paid when you get paid.

When productions came to a halt due to COVID in 2020 and everyone was affected in the entertainment industry.

- Travel became challenging if not non-existent
- COVID testing was a daily affair
- Catering and Craft Services had to adapt food distribution
- Hair and makeup was a challenge
- Masks, eye protection & sanitizing wer mandatory
- Sets were reorganized with zones and wristbands
- Air filtration systems were implemented

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Everything became challenging and costly. Even with the Return to Work Agreement 100s of productions were delayed partly due to different state guidelines for non essential businesses.

Hair and make-up artists, costume designers, set decorators, actors, cinematographers, cameramen and production sound mixers were all affected.

You can get some relief if you had W2 Employees. Park Settlement has expert CPAs. Give them a call at 800-293-5150. They can help you maximize your refund.

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COVID related issues allow businesses to Qualify For Up To $26,000 Per W-2 Employee through The Employee Retention Credit.

You could receive funds within weeks, It's easy to qualify. You can learn more about the program at the Park Settlement website here.

3 Signs That You Are Eligible:

●;The Business Is Based In The United States
●;The Business Was Impacted By COVID
●;The business had 3 or more full-time W-2 employees during COViD

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Cousins Maine Lobster Franchisee
Regina King

When Tom first approached me I was very hesitant to get involved in ERC due to our Company having already received a PPP loan. To be fully transparent, I thought it was a scam and did not want to have our Company involved in anything that might be involved in "suspicious activity" or worse yet "fraud"! But I was Wrong.

What I liked about Tom and his Team was that ERC was ALL they were focused on and are "experts" in the ERC arena. Professional, Responsive, and never over promise just produce results!

We have received the money and could not be happier!

Don't delay your tax credit. Click here so the Experts at Park Settlement can help guide you through this process with their team of CPAs or call 800-293-5150.

No Upfront Service Fees - We Get Paid When You Get Paid.

If you had payroll expenses in 2020 and 2021, you need to have our experts review your eligibility for the ERC program. We will verify your eligibility, provide a thorough review of your payroll expenses, complete all the required IRS tax forms, and ensure you receive the funds due back to you quickly.

IRS forms can be complicated and one small slip could mean the difference in you receiving funds quickly, slowly, or not at all. Our trained tax professionals not only ensure all the proper tax forms are completed correctly, we guarantee they are submitted and received by the right department.

In addition, we continually follow up with the IRS on your behalf to ensure you receive your money as fast as possible. Staying up with the IRS codes, regulations, and guidelines is a full-time job. It's critical all your paperwork is done right the first time. If the IRS rejects your paperwork, it could delay your receiving funds by several months.

Park Settlement, a Santa Monica company.

email: Call: 800-293-5150

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