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February 1, 2023

In the past, location scouting for film, TV, and commercials was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, new tools and technologies have emerged that have made it easier for scouts to do their job. One of the most important tools for location scouts today is the smartphone. With a high-resolution camera and video capabilities, a smartphone allows scouts to take photos and videos of potential locations on the fly.

Additionally, there are various apps available that make it easy for scouts to organize and share location information with the production team. One such app is "Shot Lister" which allows scouts to take notes and photos of locations, and create a list of potential spots for the production team to review. Another helpful app is "Sunseeker", a solar tracking and compass app that provides the user with hourly directional sun position intervals for preset shoot days so you can schedule your days more accurately for filming on a future date.

Yet another tool that has become increasingly popular among scouts is the phone gimbal. A phone gimbal is a small device that attaches to a smartphone and helps to stabilize the camera while shooting video. This allows scouts to capture smooth and steady footage of potential locations, even when they're on the move. GoPros are also a popular tool among location scouts because of their small size and ability to shoot high-quality video. The compact camera can be easily mounted on a helmet, bike, or gimbal, allowing scouts to capture unique angles and perspectives of potential locations.

Drones have also become a valuable tool for location scouts. They allow scouts to capture aerial footage of potential locations, which can be especially useful for scouting large properties or landscapes. Drones are already equipped with a camera and can take both photos and videos, which can be used to quickly survey large areas and identify potential locations for a shoot. Even a small inexpensive drone can save a lot of time and effort in providing multiple options for the professional drone operators when they arrive on shoot day.

All these tools have the potential to revolutionize the way location scouts work. They allow scouts to capture high-quality photos and videos, share location information, and quickly survey large areas, which can save a lot of time and effort. It has become easier for location scouts to effectively plan out the next shoot location. With the help of these tools, scouts can quickly identify the best locations to bring a script or story to life.

In summary, today's technology plays an important role in location scouting for film, TV, and commercials. With the aid of smartphones, phone gimbals, GoPros and drones, scouts can easily capture high-quality photos and videos, share location information and quickly survey large areas, saving time and effort for the production team. These tools have made it easier for scouts to plan out shoot locations, create a more efficient and accurate location scouting process.

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