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L.A. PREP Celebrates 40 Years of Automotive Success

May 25, 2023

40 YEARS OF CAR PREP GENIUS<br />L.A. PREP Celebrates 40 Years of Automotive Success

4 Decades In, L.A. Prep Is Still Best In Class!

Forty years ago, Jim Kirby learned to sleep lightly. He dozed during the short hours between midnight and 4 a.m. - always half-listening for the phone and ready to spring into action. An immediate response to a production crisis could make or break his new business venture: The now-legendary, 40-year-old car prep and transport company L.A. PREP.

Making the Impossible Possible

Jim built a reputation as a "yes man" ready to answer the phone 24/7 and transform cars to do the seemingly impossible.

When one advertising director wanted to shoot footage on an iceberg, he stripped their car and built a helicopter rig practically overnight.

When another envisioned three cars skimming the surface of a lake, two sinking below the water until only their client's prized vehicle remained, Jim brought their dreamscape to life.

Working around the clock, he leveraged his experience as a SAG driver, location tech, class A driver, account manager, and car detailer to design a floating rig powered with pneumatic cylinders. It cinematically lowered two cars beneath the surface, leaving the third hovering majestically on the water, without disturbing the lake bed.

40 Years of Top-Notch Service

In 1983, Jim was a one-man operation, but 40 years later, a team of more than 60 employees answers those 24/7 phone calls and maintains the experience, creativity, and professionalism he had from day one.

"There are other car prep companies out there. But when people are not perfectionists, don't have that attention to detail, aren't problem-solvers, and don't take a lot of pride in their jobs and themselves, they can't pull this work off like we do," Jim says.

Treating cars with exceptional skill, care, and finesse is in L.A. PREP's DNA. Working closely with your key players, our experienced team will ensure your client dazzles the press at their next vehicle launch, VIP walk-around, or ride-and-drive. Suppose the red carpet is more their style; In that case, we'll have their hero car there on time for that career-making movie premiere, social influencer event, or branded experience - whether it's a film festival or gaming convention. Our vetted technicians, fabricators, painters, wrap artists, and account managers are nimble problem solvers who will do whatever it takes to put your needs first.

In our race to provide both exceptional work and undeniable value, we've mastered seamless drop-offs for prestigious auto shows and will work behind the scenes 24/7 to ensure your next commercial, photoshoot, training video, research clinic, or research and development project goes smoothly.

The Industry's Best Car Prep and Transport

Over the years, Jim added equipment and resources to the L.A. PREP arsenal, expanding and refining our team's capabilities. One by one, we brought services like hard-coat and peel-coat painting and transport in-house to ensure the highest quality. In 2010, L.A. PREP's sister company, LAP AUTO TRANSPORT, set a new standard for efficient, reliable, professional vehicle transportation. Both teams live and breathe car prep and vehicle handling, providing the highest level of confidentiality and attention to detail possible.

In the 1980s, there were 10 thriving car prep companies in the industry - now, only four remain, and L.A. PREP leads the pack. We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with brands and studios that last decades. Our clients know that when dealing with a limited-edition pre-production car worth hundreds of thousands, they can trust L.A. PREP to do things right.

A Team That Never Quits

Today, our team simultaneously works on more than 20 national and global projects, putting the total number of projects at thousands over the years. Major advertising agencies, automotive manufacturers, and production companies consistently choose us - and we never fail to live up to their expectations.

Whether your client needs a full cutaway on a preproduction model, white-glove support for a new vehicle launch, or Code Red security for a never-before-seen feature photo shoot, our team of long-term, dedicated staff will provide it with consistent top-level care.

When you choose L.A. PREP, you get the collective power and experience of a 65-person team and the visionary guidance of a career auto enthusiast. Is there a better combination?

To put our 40 years of best-in-class service to work for your next car wrap, car prep for any domestic or International automotive event, production, fleet, racing, or private transport, please call us at (562) 595-8886, or email

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