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Kirby Studios Is The Ultimate Private Marketing Research Venue

October 28, 2022

Kirby Studios Is The Ultimate Private Marketing Research Venue
A well-executed marketing research clinic is as quiet, efficient, and top secret as a bank heist. Your team may not need to pull on ski masks and gloves to collect feedback from respondents on your product, but you do need the stealth of cat burglars to sneak it to market right under the noses of your competition.

For every new consumer product, whether it be the next cutting-edge smartphone, advanced health and fitness product, or breakthrough technology that you know is profit incarnate, there's one very unique clinic space you can rely on to conduct your top-secret marketing research: Kirby Studios.

Experience the ultimate privacy and security.

When someone scoops a journalist's story, the most they will lose is cachet. But if your competition gets even a glimpse of your under-wraps product, your client could hemorrhage millions of dollars to copycats. Here at Kirby Studios, we won't let that happen. We're dedicated to providing the ultimate privacy, security, and peace of mind - starting with load-in day.

There's no need to smuggle your product through a public lobby and up an elevator at our facility. Simply drive your truck to our roll-up door, slide smoothly inside, and watch it close behind you and your vendors. Our ground-floor clinic spaces are easy to navigate and come fully equipped with adjustable alarms, cameras (which we're happy to bag for ultimate privacy), and separate keycard entry systems.

We'll never ask you to scribble your name on a sign-in sheet, allow access to the media, or expose you to the prying eyes of a drone. Our professional crew is efficient, discreet, and able to provide exactly what you need. You're also welcome to bring in your own cameras, guards, metal detectors, and private respondent lockers to complement our security measures.

Our three spaces are compartmentalized to accommodate multiple bookings, but you can also book the entire facility for the utmost discretion. The only research venue more secure and private than Kirby is your own mind - or perhaps Switzerland's Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Make our space your own.

Do you need a wide-open, warehouse-style space to display your product to multiple respondents? Or would you prefer the hush of carpeting and pipe-and-drape cubicles where respondents can don VR headsets and review your prototype privately? If you can dream it up, you can make it happen in our high-ceilinged, flexible venues. It's up to you whether you craft a controlled, minimalist experience or wow your respondents with over-the-top glamour and a delicious grazing table delivered by caterers or prepared in our kitchen. You have complete freedom to customize our interior space to your needs, and there's plenty of it - enough for 10 vehicles or more!

Relax in comfort while the data rolls in.

Sick of fidgeting for comfort in a generic office-supply chair all day while you eagerly await survey responses? Not to worry. That won't happen at Kirby's research venue. Our facility and team are designed to accommodate your every need - including private, cozy office spaces decked out with comfortable chairs and even our ever-popular massage-equipped recliners.

Conducting research has never been more convenient.

When you book your clinic with us, you don't have to stress about navigating a congested freeway exit or worry about respondent parking. Our facility is located just minutes from Interstate 405 in a low-traffic area, and there are plenty of spaces available in our large, private gated ground-level parking lot. Our on-site attendant can guide respondents through the parking process and direct them to safe street parking in the event of overflow. If you'd prefer to fly, we're conveniently situated just 15 minutes from Long Beach Airport.

Next time you find yourself on the verge of donning a ski mask for research purposes, skip the theatrics and call (562) 595-8075 or email

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