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What You Didn't Know About Steve Martin's Working Wildlife

August 31, 2022

What You Didn\'t Know About Steve Martin\'s Working Wildlife
With hundreds of animal actors appearing in feature films, live events, parades and much more ther is no name that commands as much respect as Steve Martin's Working Wildlife.

Some of our animal trainers are SAG members, but they all are specialized professionals and are qualified to discuss the details of your shoot. This is how you can insure a safe, smooth and successful performance from the animals you are use.

Our trainer care for and trains their animals, from bottle feeding to adulthood. Our babies are raised at home with the trainer and their family members, creating loving and fun animals to be around. Each animal receives love and caring attention which sets us apart from other animal trainers in the industry.

Steve Martin's Working Wildlife has been a long-time consultant to the major motion picture industry, and champion of the "positive reinforcement" training methods, which many animal training companies regard as the modern standard of excellence.

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