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Production Expendables Are In Stock Now

October 3, 2022

Production Expendables Are In Stock Now
Rose Brand has all of your production expendables in stock.Tapes, flame retardants, masking fabrics, tie line, dance floors, and so much more. Get them while they last. Buy online or call our Sales representatives at 1-800-223-1624.

ProTape Gaffers Tape
It's used everywhere in just about every production. Strong, yet leaves no residue when removed, This is the gaff tape you want. Matte finish, hand tearable, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Buy the ROLL or save when you buy the CASE.

Fire Stop Flame Retardant
Unlike other flame retardants, just a single product treats almost EVERYTHING in your production. It also prevents items from igniting, as opposed to extinguishing a flame once it's already been ignited. So much better!

Masking Fabrics
Get Duvetyne and Commando Cloth in various weights and widths. Ubiquitous, matte fabric that absorbs light. Can be sewn into inexpensive curtains or simply draped over whatever needs to be hidden.

Tie Line
#4 Uncoated or Coated Tie Line (also known as "trick" line). Pull scenery, hang curtains, wrap cables...

Stage, Studio & Event Flooring
Large assortment. Choose based on cushioning, durability, price, color, temporary or permanent...

Wagon Brakes
Lifts scenery off of casters to prevent rolling. Provides secure holding power & quiet releasing without drilling holes in the floor.

Heavyweight canvas hampers with hinged wooden tops, reinforced bottoms and swivel casters. Ideal for soft goods storage and moving.

NEW Bogus Paper
Heavyweight 70# absorbent grey paper used under backdrops to assist in drying and prevent paint puddling.

Scenery Hardware
It's everything you need from the brands that you most trust. CM, ADC, Triple E, Rosco, New England Ropes, Griplock, Darnell-Rose, Harken, Sapsis, LiftAll, and more.

NEW Heavy Protection Paper
Highly absorbent and strong 122# brown paper. Protects stage & studio floors during load in and rehearsals or when working on location.

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