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Nelson Creative Spaces Sounds Good

August 30, 2022

Nelson Creative Spaces Sounds Good
Nelson Creative Spaces hosts clients including productions who use playback, who use voice over, and who shoot still photographs. There are also many clients who make documentaries and educational programing which involve interviews where the sound needs to be clean because there won't be anything, such as music, playing over it.

As the pandemic began to wane, Nelson Creative Spaces decided to upgrade its sound proofing in anticipation of a surge in production. Proving it to be a good move, Michael Perez Entertainment has been one of the largest clients working there on "Doc of Chucky", a documentary about the "Child's Play" movie franchise due to air on American Movie Classics. In addition to some green screen work, "Doc of Chucky" has been interviewing cast and crew members spanning the incredible run of the franchise.

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