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Nan Wilson's Manage Ad Music acquired by BMAT Music Innovators to become MAM BMAT, a new U.S. based division of BMAT now offering extra services - BMAT releases a U.S. TV music usage report, and MAM BMAT will present a "Future of Sync Music Royalties" Panel at the Production Music Conference in Los Angeles on Sept. 23

September 19, 2022

Nan Wilson and Pedro Cano MAM BMAT 2022
Los Angeles, CA - September 19, 2022 - Manage Ad Music - MAM - a company specializing in the collection of music royalties founded by Nan Wilson in 2000, has been acquired by BMAT Music Innovators, a global music technology company specialized in connecting all players of the industry to amplify the value of music to now become known as MAM BMAT. The announcement was made today by Nan Wilson, President of MAM BMAT and by Pedro Cano, one of the CEOs of BMAT.

In related news, BMAT has just released a data-driven music usage TV report in collaboration with the Production Music Association. The report has determined that 46% of the music played on broadcast and cable TV across the U.S. is production music. Commercial music only accounts for 7% of total usage. The report can be accessed here -

The new MAM BMAT company will have a strong presence during the upcoming 2022 Production Music Conference, to be held September 21-23, at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. On Friday, September 23, at 12:30 pm, MAM BMAT will present a panel entitled "Baby Got Backend: The Future of Sync Music Royalties," that will feature Nan Wilson as moderator, and guest speakers: Connor Marks, VP, Publishing, APM; Serona Elton, Head of Educational Partnerships, The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC); and Randy Wachtler, President, 11OneMusic.

The panel will address the future of production music backend income streams - everything after the sync fee. Other topics to be explored will include -

Performance royalty trends: platforms, usage types, growth, collections.
What are opportunities for PL mechanical royalties? How do they collect them?
What are opportunities for PL digital royalties? How do they collect them?
Are there PL opportunities for AdRevenue share? On what platforms? How do they collect them?
What is the future of making money in VOD for production libraries?
How to find blanket licensed songs usages and unlicensed usages?
Production Music - should it be distributed?
Updating metadata across all collecting societies?
Is there backend money when you license to a video game?
Performance and mechanical royalties for libraries in Online Ads, Podcasts, General Entertainment on YouTube.

As a result of the acquisition of MAM by BMAT, the new MAM BMAT is now offering a wide array of additional services, including global performance royalty administration for music, music performance monitoring and market analysis reporting.

Regarding the formation of MAM BMAT, Nan Wilson said, "This merger is a game-changer in maximizing performance royalty revenues around the world. By joining forces, we can now meld MAM's longstanding relationships and expertise with BMAT's pristine technology." Adds Pedro Cano, "We are delighted to join forces with MAM. BMAT's authoritative and comprehensive music usage data is the standard for more than 100 PRO and major industry players. MAM adds the expertise, wisdom and loving care to monetize this data. MAM is a critical addition to the Music OS, bringing not only the performance royalty collection in the TV ads but also a 20-year-plus relationship with composers, music houses, publishers and libraries."

Longtime MAM client Marcia Kutz, Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships with Warner Chappell Production Music has said, "MAM always provides 'above-and-beyond' personalized, results-driven customer service. They have the most thorough data curation for supporting royalty claims, utilizing multiple performance sources for leading-edge metrics. Nan Wilson and her staff have intrinsic knowledge of production music and provide excellent data assistance when needed."

About the 2022 Production Music Conference

The Production Music Association's 2022 Production Music Conference will take place September 21-23, at the OMNI Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The PMA is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community, dedicated to advancing the unique value of production music. A non-profit organization, the PMA counts over 670 music publisher and composer members, including major labels, independent boutiques, emerging composers and well-known Grammy Award winners are included within the PMA's membership.

About Manage Ad Music

Launched by longtime music industry veteran Nan Wilson in 2000, Manage Ad Music - MAM - is a tight, global firm of performance royalty experts focused on helping music composers and publishers collect their due royalties. MAM began with a vision to merge the primary facets of advertising and music royalty collection. Wilson conceived MAM after many years of advertising experience working with agencies, music production and media buying had revealed to her a new, more efficient method for collecting music royalties not yet pursued within the industry. Wilson serves as an advocate for new possibilities in the advertising music royalty world, both within the U.S. and globally.

Designed as a boutique, 'one-stop shop' for collecting performance royalties on music played in commercials, MAM has helped composers, music houses, publishers and libraries of all shapes and sizes harvest their maximum advertising music royalties through meticulous data and performance analysis. Comprised of a global family of industry pros and musicians, MAM is dedicated to helping fellow artists make money so they can creatively thrive.

About BMAT Music Innovators

With the slogan: "We're the Operating System for the Music Industry - A platform that pumps up the jam of every play," BMAT is a music innovation company with a mission to index all music usage and ownership data. They help all different companies in the music industry better their data operations to make sure artists get paid for their plays. Every day BMAT delivers 27 billion matches and 80 million identifications to CMOs, publishers, record labels, broadcasters, and DSPs globally.

Driven by machine learning and copyright expertise, BMAT's Music Operating System pumps neutral data and authoritative knowledge to everyone along the chain. Everyone who makes or uses music can plug in to ease operations, increase earnings, and get in sync with everyone else.

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