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Coffee House Industries: A New Building, New Machinery and A Larger Team

March 22, 2023

Coffee House Industries: A New Building, New Machinery and A Larger Team
Coffee House Industries, is an industry leading set construction and design company, is excited to announce its recent move to a new building. The move is a major milestone for the company as it seeks to expand its capabilities and grow its business.

Eric Rasmussen, CEO and President of Coffee House Industries noted the following - "We are excited to move into a larger facility where our capabilities and efficiencies will improve, leading to a better customer experience. With new change comes higher expectations from within. This includes hiring more personnel and adding spaces to facilitate additional UV printers for large scale printing and CNC machines that use industry leading technology. With this new technology we expect a great increase in efficiencies which will lead to shorter lead times and better customer experiences. Furthermore, we expect to serve 4x-5x the amount of customers as the quality of the production increases as well. Finally, this new space will allow us to incorporate all aspects and departments of our company into one space."

The move to the new building is just the latest in a series of initiatives and accomplishments for Coffee House Industries. The company is committed to providing the highest quality services to its clients, and this move is a reflection of that commitment.

Coffee house industries is a cutting edge set design and construction company based in Los Angeles with multiple nationwide satellite facilities. The company aims to fulfill all set construction, design, scenery and production needs as well. To learn more about Coffee House Industries and its services, please visit

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