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Car Prep Inc. and Genesis GV70 at One World Observatory, New York

July 22, 2022

Car Prep Inc. and Genesis GV70 at One World Observatory, New York
In 2021 Car Prep was tasked by Genesis Motors USA to undertake bringing a Genesis GV70 up to the observation deck (102nd floor) of the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan, NY. It was the focal point of the celebration event after the GV70 received Motor Trend's SUV of the year. The logistics of this project was driven by the challenge of having to transport the vehicle to the 102nd floor in elevators.

The Car Prep team jumped into action. The Freedom Tower elevators were measured for size and verified for their load capacity. The selected vehicle was strategically "cut" into pieces implementing pre-fabricated attachment points that would allow the assembled car to be blemish free and spot light ready. It was then transported from California to New York. Upon arrival, the car was moved to a loading dock where it was disassembled and moved piece-by-piece up to the observation level of the tower. It was then reassembled for the celebration event and placed for guests to view.

The following day, Car Prep technicians quickly implemented the reverse sequence to bring the vehicle back down to be put back together for the ride home.

A little ingenuity and hard work made for a successful celebration!

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