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Second Entry in Hawthorne Directs "Spotlight on Branding" Podcast Series Debuts 2/24

By: Hawthorne Direct | February 24, 2014

Second Entry in Hawthorne Directs "Spotlight on Branding" Podcast Series Debuts 2/24

Hawthorne Direct, a full service brand response advertising agency, will present the second entry from its new monthly Podcast series entitled "Spotlight on Branding" on Feb. 24.

The new Hawthorne Podcast, entitled "The New Multichannel DRTV Paradigm," will be presented by Hawthorne Direct's Vice President of Marketing, Gene Silverman. Future company Podcasts will include such topics as "Is That Second Screen Complementing Your Television Marketing Campaign?" and "The Maturation of Mobile Marketing."

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In the new Podcast, Gene Silverman makes these points:

** Estimates say that only one in 20 DRTV commercials actually succeeds as a stand-alone profit center. That disappointing success rate is in part due to the unsuitability of certain products for the medium, but in certain cases, it may be the business model and the product that are flawed.

** With rising media rates fueled by growing demand and lower response due to increased media fragmentation, "old school" DRTV marketing successes have become increasingly dificult to replicate.

** Today, most DRTV commercials generate at least as many sales on their corresponding websites as they do from the 800 numbers on the screen, so it is imperative that an easy-to-remember URL is advertised on the screen alongside the toll-free number.

Gene Silverman is Hawthorne Direct's Vice President of Marketing. In that role, he is responsible for ensuring that each campaign is impeccably managed on behalf of Hawthorne's clients. Gene has been recognized as a leader in the direct response industry since 1989, has been quoted in Time magazine, and has spoken at various conferences as an expert on DRTV. Gene is a regular contributor for Electronic Retailer magazine.
Gene was President of Hawthorne Direct before stepping out on his own as an industry consultant for Time Life and QVC. He has worked on highly successful DRTV campaigns such as Fantom Vacuum, Braun Handblender, Thermoscan Ear Thermometer, Jet-Stream Oven, and numerous Time-Life music and video products. He has extensive knowledge in managing every aspect of direct response television campaigns and in integrating electronic and traditional marketing channels.

Hawthorne Direct is a full service brand response advertising agency, specializing in strategic planning, creative development, production, media planning, buying and analytics, and campaign management for integrated marketing campaigns. With nearly 30 years of proven excellence in brand response, the agency combines persuasive brand messaging with best-in-class analytic systems to create accountable, high performance advertising campaigns.

Hawthorne Direct has developed successful award-winning campaigns for brands such as 3M, Gerber, Brother International, Armor All, Bose, Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, Pella, SanDisk, Transamerica, United Healthcare, Remington and more.

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