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A Client's Perspective, The LCW Props Atlanta Approach

October 13, 2022

A Client\'s Perspective, The LCW Props Atlanta Approach
"We strive to be disruptive in our space, to approach things from our client's perspective. Rather than just displaying mug-shots of the various prop and set pieces we're offering for rentals, we showcase our inventory pieces in environments similar to the ones they're ultimately used in: on set, fully lit, in front of the camera, with actors."

When you visit the website of LCW Props Atlanta, you will notice it looks and feels a little different than the other local Prop Houses. Functionality and user interface have been extensively finessed, and rather than simply displaying voluminous images of props and set pieces, sitting on a loading bay, or on a crowded shelf rack, LCW Atlanta's VP of Operations, Luke Zoeller, is taking a bold approach to standing apart from the ever-growing field of Atlanta based film and television prop houses.

Earlier this year, Luke brought aboard Geoffrey Donne, an award-winning cirector, cameraman and still photographer, to join their team as sales and marketing director, and to collaboratively put their props and set pieces into dramatic, storytelling context, for the benefit of LCW Atlanta's wide range of film and television clients.

"It's an exciting challenge," Geoffrey shares, "to step into multiple roles, with a limited budget and tight timeframe, and take props that, sitting on their own, are just little puzzle pieces, and build the environments, the worlds that are sets, places that fulfill a crucial story-telling purpose in a film or television series."

Luke explains: "We had already had display bays in our warehouse, basically 12" by 12" rooms that were fully decorated, by theme and specialty. We do a lot of work with computer servers, vintage, current, and futuristic designs, some are real-world salvages that we've reworked, and some we completely fabricate by hand. Similarly, we have a large selection of Lab assets, CSI crime labs, robotics labs, research and design laboratories, vintage, period historical labs... each of those feels very different visually.

Based on our experience, we imagined the kinds of shows that utilize those pieces, their production's visual style and needs, and then Geoffrey lit those sets with Studio strobe-lights, and shot them using our staff members, occasionally friends and family, as stand-ins for actors. His work really brings those visuals to life."

The resulting images are prominently featured on the LCW Props Atlanta homepage. These creative images are also being utilized on promotional materials, company SWAG and T-shirts, and by the end of this year, will be centerpieces in a new promotional video LCW is producing entirely in-house.

Luke shares the central motivation behind such innovative visual approaches at LCW Props... to make the job of their clients easier. "This is a make-believe business, with very real pressures and demands that our clients experience on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It can be really daunting to find the right piece, or all the right pieces, on a deadline. We are creative problem solvers at the end of the day. If we can help a set designer, an art director, prop master, prop buyer, envision our pieces in the world of their project more quickly, more easily, often remotely, well then, we're happy.
The way we see it, our story is about helping our clients, tell theirs.

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