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Motorhomes, Trailers, Dressing Rooms In Los Angeles Offer Necessities On Location

In Los Angeles motorhomes are basically recreational vehicles that may also used as dressing rooms & cast trailers, wardrobe and hair & makeup facilities while filming on location. These motorhomes and dressing rooms may include chairs, couches, kitchen facilities, plasma TVs with satellite connections, wireless internet, central air conditioning/heating, and restrooms with showers. Motorhomes and dressing rooms offer the comforts of home while working on motion picture and television production. Wardrobe trailers carry all the clothing and costumes necessary for the cast when shooting on location. Wardrobe trailers also carry items such as eyewear, hats, jewelry, shoes & boots, and wigs & toupees. Wardrobe trailers may also include an area for makeup & hair design.


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