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Introducing CinCraft

November 13, 2023

Introducing CinCraft
Camera tracking solution ZEISS CinCraft Scenario was debuted at this year's SIGGRAPH conference, and now we're collaborating with the LA chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH to host an exciting event for both members and non-members in Los Angeles! If you're looking for an introduction to ZEISS CinCraft Scenario and CinCraft Mapper, make sure to join us on Tuesday November 14th.

Attendee check-in and social hour with food and beverages will begin at 6:30pm PST, followed by live demonstrations of CinCraft Scenario and CinCraft Mapper. Join ZEISS and SIGGRAPH for an informative evening. Register now!

Anywhere Anytime Camera Tracking

Meet the only real-time camera tracking system that works indoors and outdoors, on film sets, with green and blue screens and in LED volumes. That uses natural markers, reflective markers, and even digital markers on LED screens. That provides camera tracking data for real-time use and records it for post-production. And that integrates lens characteristics to skip the cumbersome lens calibration process. See ZEISS CinCraft Scenario in action!

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