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Reddit Went Public IPO - WeCutFoam Was There With Decor

May 21, 2024

Reddit Went Public IPO - WeCutFoam Was There With Decor
Reddit (rddt) recently announced their IPO, riding the AI wave.

Reddit is a networking collection of communities (redditers) where people can join and participate with their interests, hobbies, passions, posts and questions about anything, an online social network platform and news.

WeCutFoam, being a lead event decor fabricator, created hard coated and painted rddt (stocks exchange symbol) styrofoam letters for this grand festivity.

The "e" and "i" in the name are now being made for the company, for a full "reddit" sign display, post IPO, to serve as a permanent exhibit at company events.

WeCutFoam fabricates dimensional stage letters, logos, custom props, outdoor and indoor sign and decor for weddings, happenings, branding, company meetings, trade shows, launching of a new company and for any other events.

The company is located in Northern CA, however, they ship anywhere in the U.S as well as for events taking place outside of the country.

The decor is mostly made of foam material, but other combo materials, such as wood, acrylics, plastics and light metals are being utilized as well.

The products can serve a one time event, or it can be hard coated to be used multiple times, as well as be wrapped with vinyl print design to give it that outstanding wow effect.

To see more products, visit
Tel 408-454-6163 / Toll Free 866-664-9311

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