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Thunder Studios Triumphs with Five Telly Awards

May 22, 2024

Thunder Studios Triumphs with Five Telly Awards
Copy: Los Angeles - May 21, 2024 - Thunder Studios, a division of Infinite Reality and leading provider of integrated studio and advanced production services to the media and entertainment industries, proudly announces it has been honored this year with five prestigious Telly Awards. Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards celebrate the finest in video and television on a global scale. This recognition serves as a powerful validation of Thunder Studios commitment to excellence and innovation, bolstering its credibility in the realm of video and television production across various platforms. Thunder Studios has long been a pioneer in the industry, and as part of Infinite Reality, plays an important role in partnering with the company's clients to design the next generation of immersive content and commerce.

Amidst fierce competition with over 13,000 entries from around the globe, these multiple wins solidify not only Thunder Studio's status as a leader in the industry, but also set the expertise, quality and skill in crafting compelling narratives and producing content that resonates across all screens.

Thunder Studios was honored with Telly Awards in these categories:

Gold Telly Winner: Online Series, Shows & Segments - People's Telly

2023 Esports Awards, which captivated a global audience by honoring top-tier talent and innovation across the esports industry.

Gold Telly Winner: Immersive & Mixed Reality - People's Telly

Black Adam Promo ESPN x DC, a groundbreaking collaboration that brought the thrilling world of DC superheroes into an immersive reality experience

Silver Winner: Digital Environments - Immersive, Interactive, & Mixed

Black Adam Promo ESPN x DC, a groundbreaking collaboration that brought the thrilling world of DC superheroes into an immersive reality experience.

Gold Telly Winner: Immersive, Interactive, & Mixed - Brand Collaboration (Use of Creator, Celebrity & Influencer)

All New Electric Escalade IQ Cadillac 2025, a campaign that seamlessly integrated celebrity influence and advanced technology to showcase the luxury vehicle in a novel way.

Silver Telly Winner: Immersive, Interactive, & Mixed - Digital Environments

The Whistle | FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022™, which provided an unparalleled digital experience of the world's most watched sports event.

Judged by a panel of over 200 leading experts from various industry giants, including BBC, Marvel, Vimeo, and more, the Tellys serve to highlight the very best of global talent.

John Acunto, CEO of Infinite Reality said "We are grateful for the recognition from Telly Awards and proud of the entire team we are building at Infinite Reality. We are hyper focused on delivering innovative, world-class platforms and services for our clients, and this requires that we have the best talent in the business. Our award winning team works hard each day to deliver on our clients' visions."

"Thunder Studios' significant success at this year's Telly Awards underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and sets a benchmark for the industry," said Sean Cross, President of iR Entertainment. "These awards prove what we have known for years, Thunder Studios is a partner that transcends the ordinary, a hidden gem where innovation and quality set the standard for excellence in modern and advanced media production. We are not just meeting but exceeding the high standards of the media production industry."

"These five wins are powerful affirmations of the diligence, hard work, and innovative spirit that our team at Thunder Studios embodies every day," said Rolando Nichols, President and General Manager of Thunder Studios. "I am immensely proud of our team for not only meeting but surpassing the industry's highest standards. Their dedication to pushing creative boundaries is what continues to drive our success."

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