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Super Creative Studios Elevates Live Streaming Possibilities from its Van Nuys
Innovation Hub

August 18, 2023

Super Creative Studios Elevates Live Streaming
VAN NUYS, CA - Super Creative Studios is thrilled to unveil its revolutionary live streaming solutions, reshaping the landscape of content creation from its state-of-the-art facility in Van Nuys. Situated in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, Super Creative Studios is redefining the live streaming experience by seamlessly merging innovation, professionalism, and artistic ingenuity. Within its sprawling 7,000 square foot facility, Super Creative Studios has meticulously designed a cutting-edge control room, setting new industry benchmarks for live streaming excellence. Anchored by a team of accomplished producers with distinguished backgrounds in live television, our studio prides itself on delivering a standard of live-streaming solutions that is second to none.

The past five years have witnessed Super Creative Studios orchestrate over 500 hours of live content across prominent platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. At the core of our success lies an unwavering dedication to leveraging advanced technology. Our impressive setup encompasses VMix video-switching, OBS gaming capture and graphics control, and live audio-mixing facilitated by a Behringer X32 mixer and Dante soundboard.

Our prowess extends to crafting branded livestreams that captivate audiences and forge lasting connections between brands and viewers. Noteworthy accomplishments include the production of 2-hour live specials for industry giants such as Amazon, Sony, and Microsoft. Furthermore, Super Creative Studios has curated captivating gaming tournaments and marathons in partnership with esteemed brands like OGN, Konami, and EA. Our portfolio stands as a testament to our versatility and ability to curate content that resonates on a global scale.

Super Creative Studios boasts an expansive studio environment comprising multiple stages, each a canvas for creative expression. Encompassing an array of sets, our offerings include a white cyc, a green cyc, and meticulously designed game show sets primed for realization. Our commitment to providing an exceptional production environment ensures each project is executed with precision and creativity.

From concept inception to final production, Super Creative Studios stands as a comprehensive solution for all live streaming requirements. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, coupled with our resolute dedication to excellence, positions us as trailblazers in the industry. Our track record and future-oriented approach invite you to experience the next era of live streaming at Super Creative Studios.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Super Creative Studios
(818) 570-1646
Address: 14801 Oxnard St Unit 2 Van Nuys, CA 91411
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Super Creative Studios is a pioneering live streaming and production facility nestled in Van Nuys, California. Occupying an expansive 7,000 square foot space, we redefine live streaming possibilities through innovative solutions and unparalleled production capabilities. Our adept team of producers brings a wealth of live television experience to the fore, delivering premium content to global platforms. From bespoke branded livestreams to dynamic gaming tournaments, Super Creative Studios is at the forefront of transforming entertainment industry paradigms.

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