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How Kirby Studios Is Transforming Confidential LA Film Shoots

August 16, 2022

Producers, Your Secrets Are - Finally - Safe
Your visionary team works hard and fast - even when driving in a pre-production luxury car, or assembling an exciting cast that the rest of the world hasn't seen yet.

The world isn't supposed to know your secrets, of course. Not yet. But, when the pressure builds up, and the techno sphere revolves around content production and protection, the wrong studio can slow you down ... or worse, break down your security measures and cause leaks.

To run a production smoothly, show runners require the ultimate safehouse, a quiet "home away from home," and zero hassle equipment rentals (including LED screens, with no extra fees for bringing your own). To stay on budget, they also need a studio that's in the zone and just a few minutes from the freeway, with attentive and accommodating on-site support during shoots.

Kirby Studios has been consistently chosen by producers and directors that work in the highest levels of their respective fields, thanks to one promise - security and confidentiality. Thankfully, we also offer all the other perks your show runners will ever need.
With Kirby Studios, you'll always feel secure.
Say goodbye to sign-in sheets and "unlucky" project leaks forever.

In many other studios, even seemingly private arrangements are futile as regulars will always see someone they recognize. At Kirby Studios, you are truly exclusive. Because of our modular and compartmentalized setup, you don't have to interact with anyone besides an on-site stage tech, who can help you create your magic as easily as possible.

Need to leave your set onstage overnight? No problem. Our studio is fully equipped with alarms, cameras, and a separate keycard entry system for all of our stages. We even offer extra privacy with secured rollup doors between each stage. You've worked this hard to keep your project secret - let us do the rest.

Your team will always feel safe coming on-site too. Our large private parking lot and crime-free, media-free Long Beach neighborhood ensures that - day or night - you'll always feel safe. We're even in a no-fly zone, meaning your shoot will be free from drones.
Privacy and hospitality are our secret recipe.
When bringing in an incredible team with elite talent, we know you want to give them the best experience possible. We specialize in helping you do just that.

Our large loading door allows A-list talent to drive their blacked-out Cadillac directly into our studios - and the loading door will close behind them. Our stage techs will even lead them to one of our private, modular resting areas that is constructed using shipping containers with extremely cozy furnishings and easy-to-access USB and electric ports.

The best part? Your elite talent can easily bring their entire entourage. There's plenty of room. At the same time, nobody will have to leave the building while they're working because provide a private parking lot, makeup rooms, wardrobe-styling spaces, and a kitchen with easy access to the outdoors for your favorite catering service.

From start to finish, your unique family of skilled technicians and artists will never be distracted or uncomfortable.

Curious? Let's give you a tour. Call at (562) 595-8075, or email us at to start planning your next shoot. No matter how big your plans are, your secrets will be safe with us.

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