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What's new at Working Wildlife

By: Steve Martin | August 14, 2014

Steve Martin\'s Working Wildlife

Checkout ®Minion® our newest little guy to join the Working Wildlife family! Minion is a young skunk ready to be the star in your shoot and guaranteed NOT to stink up the shoot! If you need a great little star for your production, this guy is your first choice!

Industry News ImageRemember Tag the ®baby® Kodiak Brown Bear? My how time flies and how quickly they grow! Tag is now 2-1/2 years old and when standing on his hind legs is pushing 7 feet tall and weighs an easy 325 lbs! He has been the star in several popular commercials and photo shoots. If you need an excellent young Kodiak Bear to be in your production, he®s your bear!

Industry News ImageThe Holiday Season is just around the corner and we are already starting to reserve our reindeer for all kinds of events and productions. If you need excellent reindeer for a production, event, display or party then call us today to reserve our deer while they are still available, the demand is high and our resources are limited this year so book now!

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