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Behind the Scenes Reaches Half a Million in Grants Awarded

By: Plasa Foundation | August 14, 2014

Behind the Scenes Reaches Half a Million in Grants Awarded

Behind the Scenes reached an important milestone last week as it crossed the half million dollar mark in funds awarded since it began issuing grants to entertainment technology professionals in need due to serious illness or injury.

Behind the Scenes has an unusually broad mandate and a review of grants issued reflects this diversity. Recipients have included individuals working in every type of job in the industry including stagehands, electricians, riggers, audio, scenic artists, costumers, makeup and hair stylists, grips, gaffers, camera operators, DPs, designers, stage managers, and technical directors.

The recipients work in every sector of our industry including theatre and other performing arts, film and broadcast, concert touring, and every type of live event, as well as those working for companies supplying entertainment technology products and services.

Leonard, a soundman, echoed the response of many Behind the Scenes grant recipients when he wrote, ®I am the sound man - that guy whose name you may not remember. I couldn®t believe that when I needed help Behind the Scenes was there and didn®t turn their back on me. I am the crew guy, not the superstar. Without Behind the Scenes I would not have made it - that®s a fact. I can never thank them enough for their help, and I can never thank them enough for the compassion they showed me in my true time of need. What an honor it is to be part of this community. It is a feeling that I can®t describe. For everybody who contributes to Behind the Scenes, thank you. You helped save my life.®

Rick Rudolph, Chair of the Behind the Scenes Committee stated, ®This is a significant achievement for our entire industry as every dollar granted has come directly from you. The industry has taken Behind the Scenes to its heart and made sure we can help our colleagues in need. Unfortunately, that need only continues to grow so I urge you to strengthen your support so we don®t have to leave any of our colleagues without help and hope.®

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