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Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards 2014 Winners

By: CineGear | July 16, 2014

Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards 2014 Winners

Honoring the Best in New Technology

Camera Technology
IDX System Technology
Video Transmitter CW-3
Designer: Henry Hara

Lighting Technology
Q 500 LED Light
Designers: Brent Siebenaler, Matt Chung, Peter Lin

Support Technology
Freefly Systems
M-15 Stabilized Camera System for Large Cameras
Designer: Freefly

Other Technology:
Small HD
VP7-Pro On-Camera HD Monitor
Designer: Dale Backus (Head of R&D)

3D Technology - No Award Given

Post Production Technology - No Award Given

Peter Anderson, ASC
Dwight Campbell
Dana Christiaansen
Tad Marburg
Gary Ushino
Harry Rez

The Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards
The 2014 Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards are presented to the best debuting products that are unveiled in 2014. The winners were selected on site by a panel of Industry experts with an eye toward the latest in technology. The panel of judges evaluated only new products that were launched in the United States for the first time in 2014.

About Cine Gear Expo
Since its inception in 1996, Cine Gear Expo (CGE) has been committed to producing the premier trade event for those engaged in the field of the moving image. CGE is dedicated to serving the community of film, video and digital professionals by providing an outstanding industry affair focusing on new technologies, educational forums and time to network with peers.
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