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TLC Creative Brings Live Special Effects to TV, Movies and Events

By: TLC Creative | May 27, 2014

TLC Creative Brings Live Special Effects to TV, Movies and Events

TLC Creative Brings Live Special Effects to TV, MOVIES and Events Lasers by Hollywood's premiere source, Fog Effects, Pyrotechnics, Flames, Fire, Custom built Water Effects by TLC Creative bring energy and excitement to shows and events! TLC's expertise with laser display came to shine on recent TV and film production shoots here in Los Angeles, CA. NEIGHBORS with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron features lasers and laser beam and laser cone effects by TLC. Recent ads for Xfinity and Destination Las Vegas, as well as the tv show PARKS AND RECREATION featured TLC Creative's laser effects, including laser aerial beam effects and laser graphics projection. Interactive laser games were designed created by TLC Creative for tv shows BIG BROTHER and GLASS HOUSE, with laser beam effects as a critical part of how contestants competed to win the show. TLC works closely with TV and film producers to provide the best possible presentation of laser effects and the use of exciting live special effects such as fog bursts and pyrotechnics. TLC Creative supplies live special effects for THE VOICE, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and live shows for Billboard Latin Music Awards and for Spike TV, and LA VOZ, the mexican version of The Voice, broadcast live from Mexico. Visit TLC LASER EFFECTS at

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A tremendous history of lasers in entertainment has been created by TLC, including icon-making videos for Jay-Z, Usher and Jennifer Lopez, and recent hit videos for Miley Cyrus and David Guetta. Lasers light-up and highlight performers like nothing else can. David Guetta's Little Bad Girl has surpassed 120 million views on you-tube. New laser technologies are creating exciting impact, such as Laser Projection Mapping and Flying Lasers, where Beams and Graphics can be projected almost anywhere! Visit TLC LASER SHOWS at
TLC Creative provides lasers, laser effects, laser beams for events and shows of every size. Laser entertainment, including custom soundtracks, laser animation, laser aerials, and live special effects, can energize your group or event beyond expectation! Xylobands are interactive LED bracelets that are lighting up concerts and events with the power of light! Direct from Coldplay, TLC Creative provides Xylobands Contact TLC Creative at 310-822-6790 For information email:

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