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Tech Works FX Studios now in New Orleans

By: Tech Work FX Studios | May 13, 2014

Tech Works FX Studios now in New Orleans

Owner of Tech Works FX Studios, Valek Sykes has brought his talented effects studio to the New Orleans area. The shop has been in the business for over 13 years in the Los Angeles area and specializes in makeup effects, creatures, animatronics, specialty costumes and props for the industry. They have worked on such movies as A.I., Minority Report, Cat in the Hat, the Proposal, Enders Game, G.I.Joe and much more.

The shop now services the Louisiana area as well as California and anywhere in-between. "I know there are a lot of productions heading to Louisiana but I also heard that there was a lack of talent which made it hard for production to keep their California standards, so we moved here to ensure that productions can have the best of both worlds", says Valek. " We not only can solve that issue at our studio, but on set as well and since we also own a small school that teaches the proper way to do effects and make up effects,(Learn FX) we can push to keep the very best of standards that California productions are used to."

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The studio is currently working on an untitled creature project, and is setting up the studio for the next project. "Production should come here, its a great place, great people and beautiful to boot, and lets not forget the food, but now they have someone who has spent almost 2 decades in the industry in the Los Angeles area at their service in Louisiana.

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