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The Smart Assist is to be displayed in 3 different booths during CineGear 2014:

By: Ovide | May 13, 2014

The Smart Assist is to be displayed in 3 different booths during CineGear 2014:

The most famous professional American cinema exhibition is the CineGear. Every year, thousands of professionals gather in this exhibition in Los Angeles to see all innovations in cameras, cranes, post production, etc. This year, visitors will be able to see this system which means a huge change taking video assistance up to the most up-to-date cameras available on the market: this is the all-in-one Ovide Smart Assist HD2.

This system is the result of research Ovide carried to fit their customers' demands who were looking for an intuitive, strong and compact product using a self-contained good software. Ovide is a firm dedicated to hiring audiovisual products and decided to create themselves the "ideal" hardware adapted to the QTake HD software. The final result was such a hit that Ovide decided to launch it and to sell it to rental companies as well as to video assist operators.

The Smart Assist is an all-in-one device which includes a 22" touchscreen and is 3.9 inches deep. It can record internally up to 50 hours using Apple's ProRes HD codec (it can do 3D, has hot swap batteries, allows connection up to 2 HD cameras with the possibility of linking up to 8 systems with a total of 64 cameras using quad splits and 8 Smart Assists in a row, it allows streaming to an iPad or iPhone...

The Ovide Smart Assist is a system designed and thought up to the tiniest detail for creating a top quality equipment with the aim of reaching the quality of cameras such as the Sony F65 or Arri Alexa XT.

At this time, several video assistant operators have already bought their own units and more units are already available for renting in Spain, USA, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, China, Brazil, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweeden, etc. This system has already been used for many commercials (Pepsi, Lay's, Mercedes, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Nintendo, Nike, DirecTV) and several films among which stands out "The Amazing Spiderman 2".

People attending the next Los Angeles CineGear 2014 will be able to see the Ovide Smart Assist at Ovide's own booth (S223) as well as at the BandPro and Randiant Images's stands.

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