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John Hart Insurance Agency Expands Production Equipment Insurance Products To Cover The Changing Needs Of The Entertainment Industry

By: John Hart Insurance Agency | May 8, 2014

John Hart Insurance Expands Production Equipment Insurance Products

The needs of the entertainment industry continue to evolve and grow. John Hart Insurance announced today that they have expanded their ability to offer Production Equipment insurance for the entertainment industry.

Production companies have made a significant investment in lighting, costumes, cameras and props. Their ongoing success depends on having the right kind and quality of equipment that the production or event requires. Damaged or stolen equipment could mean production delays.

"We can insure most any kind of equipment involved in the entertainment industry said John Hart, including; Editing Production Equipment, Recording Studio Equipment, Location Recording Equipment, Musical Instruments/Band Equipment, Wardrobes, Cameras, and even Rented Equipment."

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Technology has changed the way the entertainment industry produces movies, documentaries and other products. Insurance has kept up offering a wide range of new and improved products.

John Hart Insurance partners with the top insurers to provide many different options, specifically to the entertainment industry. Call John Hart Insurance Agency for more information.

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