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Profiles In History is Pleased to Announce a New Division

By: Hollywood PRIME | May 6, 2014

Profiles In History is Pleased to Announce a New Division

Production Surplus Asset Sales and Management Joe Maddalena of the popular TV reality show "Hollywood Treasure" is pleased to announce the formation of a new division for his industry leading memorabilia sales company Profiles in History. The new division is Hollywood PRIME. PRIME is a clever acronym for Production Resources International Management for Entertainment. "We are selling all the high-end hero props and wardrobe and maximizing our client's returns, but we had no mechanism for handling all the other millions of dollars of props, set dressing, vehicles and wardrobe and now we do!" stated Joe. Hollywood PRIME has reps in most major shooting cities and countries and will pick up and liquidate, by the most efficient means possible, everything created or purchased in the making of a film or TV show. Mike Filonczuk, a 30+ year vet of the industry, will head this new division and is an expert at asset management and liquidation having designed asset tracking and barcode systems for Universal Studios and Hollywood PARTS. "I'm really excited to be working with Joe and his team to be able to cover the management and sales of the complete range and diversity of production assets," quipped Mike. "Hollywood PRIME is proud to be a green company and be able to recycle and repurpose production assets and keep them from the landfill."

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Mike can be contacted at Hollywood PRIME : (office) 818 444 6823 or on his cell at 818 445 6676. Hollywood Prime's latest prop and wardrobe offerings can be purchased at their EBay store Profilesinhistory.

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