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Trumbull Studios, in association with eyeon Software,Announce World's First-Ever 4K 3D 120FPS Screening

By: Trumbull Studios | May 5, 2014

Trumbull Studios, in association with eyeon Software,Announce World\'s First-Ever 4K 3D 120FPS Screening

eyeon Software and Trumbull Studios have announced the first public screenings of UFOTOG; a ten-minute technology demonstration of a 4K 3D movie at an astounding 120 frames per second. Directed by Academy Award® winner Douglas Trumbull and produced at Trumbull Studios, this experimental sci-fi adventure demonstrates Trumbull's new process called MAGI™; a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful sense of immersion and impact that is not possible using conventional 24FPS or 3D standards.

Trumbull Studios is committed to eyeon Software, a forerunner in production solutions, as eyeon was the only development firm able to provide the technology required for Trumbull's ground-breaking vision for UFOTOG, enabling the unheard-of impact of 3D in 4K at 120FPS using eyeon Fusion™, Generation®, Connection®, and Dimension®. Trumbull teamed with eyeon to create his film and push beyond the current cinema paradigm.

"To work with such an industry hero on the next evolution of cinema is an opportunity not to be missed. Contributing to Trumbull's forward thinking has allowed eyeon not only to develop and push our technologies yet again, but also to get back to our production roots. Actually using our own tools in production with such an innovative genius is the most effective way to make our applications the best in class."

Steve Roberts, eyeon CEO, UFOTOG Co Producer
Trumbull's pioneering work also included his Academy Award-winning 70mm 60FPS SHOWSCAN process, which was widely acclaimed by industry professionals. One the objectives of Trumbull's initiative is to demonstrate to the film industry that the successful future of the movie-going experience needs to be on larger screens, at high brightness, and with ultra-high frame rate 2K and 4K presentations that cannot be

Screening Information
UFOTOG will premiere at Paul Allen's iconic Seattle Cinerama Theater as the headlining event at the annual Science Fiction Film Festival Sunday May 11, 2014, in conjunction with special screenings of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. In addition, Trumbull will introduce his movie BRAINSTORM, on Friday, May 9, which marked the beginning of his quest for immersive cinema.

Technology Information
Please contact eyeon Software directly should you wish to explore the solutions they brought to Trumbull Studios.

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