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Jules Sylvester's Reptiles Rentals and the year of the Supernatural Thrillers!

By: Jules Sylvester | May 1, 2014

Jules Sylvester\'s Reptiles Rentals and the year of the Supernatural Thrillers!

Here are some of Jules Sylvester's Reptiles Rentals adventures with his creatures so far this year...

Jules has been traveling regularly to Shreveport, Louisiana to work on the TV series, "Salem" which premiered Sunday, April 20th. This Season you will see many of Jules' creatures including snakes, (both venomous and non- venomous) which will be slithering in and out of bodies! Then there are the maggots, tarantulas and scorpions doing very nasty things.

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There was also a road trip to Dallas where Jules and his partner, Marco transported 30 snakes to work on the film "Salvation" produced by Ron Schmidt who Jules thoroughly enjoyed working with a few years back on "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising" film as well as Balls of Fury. Most impressive to Jules was when he had to prep actor, Warren Kole to handle the snakes. Warren had never touched a snake before and really rose to the occasion handling the snakes like a pro!

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A lot of fun was had with Albino pythons on the set of the promo for the TV series, "Witches of East End" starring Julia Ormond.

Jules Sylvester's Reptile Rentals Inc., highly regarded by the American Humane Association has become a "go to" company for snakes, alligators, lizards, spiders, scorpions, frogs, insects, rodents, tortoises, and many other animals. Reptile Rentals has an unrivaled safety record for the cast and crew as well as it's highly trained and experienced handlers- no bites, accidents or problems for over 32 years!

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