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Vitruvian Entertainment proudly introduces their new state of the art production facility

By: Vitruvian Entertainment | May 1, 2014

Vitruvian Entertainment proudly introduces their new state of the art production facility

An awesome state of the art production facility for a variety of film, television, corporate, web based, special FX and photography productions. You'll adore our intimate boutique quality. We boast: 9,000 square foot building, 40' x 50' x 16' permitted, pre lit sound stage w/3 wall cyc. Stunning: screening theater, 2000 sq. ft., recording studio, editing suites (2D & 3D), long and short term production offices. Motion capture stage & services: animation, "Vicon" optical camera tracking for pre-viz. "Face Ware" & "Xsens" inertial suits for full body capture. Experienced motion capture technicians ensure top shelf customer service. Your jobs completed on budget, on time. Make us your 1st call. For more info please visit:

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We Offer
Stage with 3 sided Pre-light Cyc Walls 40" x 50'
3 ton grip and lighting package
4k and 3D cameras
Control room for multi camera or green screen shoot
Production Equipment
Post Production
Bays in 2D and 3D
Audio Services
Animation Services

Bonus Amenities:
Production offices
Conference Room
Make up Rooms
Dressing Rooms
VIP Parking
24/7 access

The stage is certified and Permitted by the Burbank
Fire Department, meaning there will never be any additional fees for a Fire Marshall while shooting at Vitruvian Entertainment, we are one of the only stages "Permitted" in Burbank.

About Vitruvian Entertainment:
VITURVIAN ENTERTAINMENT at STEREOSCOPE is a creative collective, offering clients state-of-the-art technology in virtual production, motion capture, 3D animation, stereo, event, live and post-production services. We specialize in television, commercials, promos, youtube content creation and corporate productions. In addition, we offer a top of the line post-production facility complete with audio, video, visual effects and color correction services for all formats. With HD cameras, virtual studio, lighting & grip packages, production equipment, freelance producer/staff / crew for hire and production cube this is where you can come and relax.

VITRUVIAN ENTERTAINMENT at STEREOSCOPE is designed to suit the needs of any Filmmaker or Executive Producer, offering competitive industry prices and service for the most elite and meticulous clientele.

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