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Each Year Ultra Greens Gathers Clothes, Food and Blankets.

By: Ultra Greens | April 24, 2014

Each Year Ultra Greens Gathers Clothes, Food and Blankets.

Throughout the year to give back to the less fortunate. Through a group called greeting with gratitude.

We meet christmas morning and load up trucks and go down skid row in downtown la. We distribute all the goods to the people. We are always looking for donations. Contact our company to help!
Volunteers needs also...
Its our way of giving back.

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About Ultra Greens
Ultra Greens Inc. is located in the hills of Sylmar, California. We are family owned and operated since 1999. We specialize in shade trees, roses, bulk soil and landscape materials. We have a knowledgeable staff onsite to help with your landscape design. We can help you select plants suitable for your area to enhance your landscape.We can save you up to 30% on your water bill with drought resistant plant material. With three large growing yards, we are able to stay competitive and supply beautiful plant material.
Plant Rental

We rent Plants, Trees, and Pots for Special Events and Motion pictures. With our fleet of trucks we are able to deliver on time. For more info please visit

Richard Cacho
Ultra Greens inc.

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