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Libec Enters DSLR Market with ALLEX System

By: Libec | April 17, 2014

Libec Enters DSLR Market with ALLEX System

Libec, manufacturer of high quality professional camera support systems, is entering the consumer DSLR camera market with its ALLEX system. The new style tripod system allows aspiring DSLR filmmakers, freelancers and small production teams pro level production values via ALLEX's unique integrated ball head, slider and tripod system. The ALLEX system will be exhibited at Libec's booth #C8225 at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show April 7-10 in Las Vegas and will be available for purchase via Libec Sales of America starting in August.
ALLEX Promotion Video

"We're excited to extend our legacy of making the best camera support systems in the world by introducing ALLEX to the growing U.S. market," says Takuma Sudo, president of Libec Sales of America, Inc. "Owners of small DSLRs and early adopters of new styles of filmmaking are demanding high quality camera support, and the ALLEX new tripod system is based on Libec's 60 years experience developing best-in-class equipment for professionals. No other manufacturer has ever developed a tripod and slider like ALLEX, as one integrated system."

Pro Quality/Prosumer Price Point
The system allows amateur DSLR users greater usability by allowing for pro level pan, tilt and slide camera movements. The ALLEX system includes three components, ALLEX H, a 75mm dual head, ALLEX T, a 75mm ball diameter lightweight (2.5kg/5.5lb) tripod and ALLEX S, a 30" slider. By the integration of all three components, The ALLEX system makes dynamic camera moves possible at a surprisingly affordable price.


The ALLEX T tripod provides an ultralight but incredibly rigid base for the ball head and slider, courtesy of Libec's exclusive spike and leg stopper technology. The high rigidity of the tripod is inherited from Libec's pro level camera support systems. Perfect stability is provided by a rigid extendable brace and spikes integrated with foot pads, making it a superior piece of camera support for any shooting location.

The dual-head lightweight (1.3kg/2.9lb) ALLEX H features a 75mm ball diameter and flat base, allowing it to mount easily on the slider platform of the ALLEX S slider. The ball head can handle cameras up to 9 pounds in weight, has a one touch attachment that allows a plus or minus 40mm sliding range. The LED bubble allows for easy leveling.

The ALLEX S offers shooters smooth and delicate control in a robust slider. Eight high performance bearings applied with special grease developed by Libec for its pro line make up the slide platform. The ball bearings are positioned on the rail top and at an angle on the underside. This "sandwiching" of the rail prevents any "wobble" or vibration, resulting in pro level camera moves.

The ALLEX S slider is installable on the ALLEX T tripod or to any 75mm ball diameter tripods by using the attached tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp. The entire ALLEX system is designed to bring Libec's professional quality to a new generation of filmmakers at a competitive price.
ALLEX Competitor Comparison Chart

ALLEX Product Details
Slider®@ALLEX S
Tripod System®@ALLEX KIT
Slider System®@ALLEX S KIT

Create a three-minute video that shows us your most innovative video camera moves to win big! Different ALLEX kit prizes will be awarded to the five finalists that receive the most online votes. For complete contest details go to:

About Libec:
Libec was founded in 1955 to build the finest camera support equipment in the world. In 2006, Libec Sales of America was founded to handle ever-increasing demand for its products. Libec Sales of America, Inc. is located at 20695 S. Western Ave., #242, Torrance, CA 90501
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