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Air Hollywood Launches "Open Sky for Autism"

By: Talaat Captan | March 19, 2014

Air Hollywood Launches "Open Sky for Autism"

On April 5, 2014 Air Hollywood proudly launches Open Sky for Autism, which assists families with Autism in gaining the confidence, comfort, and enjoyment of air travel.

Free to the public with limited seating, Open Sky for Autism allows for vital acclimation, repetition, and supervision during a commercial airport and passenger flight simulation. WAPADH will be providing expert, hands-on assistance at each of our stations ensuring a safe, educational experience.

The program features: Airport Arrival, Ticketing, Check-in, and Baggage Check, TSA Security Screening, Departure Lounge and Boarding, In-Flight Simulation, Deboarding, Complimentary Lunch and Refreshments. Check Open Sky for Autism website for availability.

About Air Hollywood:
Air Hollywood is the world's premiere aviation-themed studio serving the motion picture, television industry, and commercial production industries. In addition to airplane mockups and airport terminal standing sets, Air Hollywood provides prop rentals, set design, and fabrication services. Air Hollywood also licenses high-quality stock footage through a proprietary online licensing platform,

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