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"THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION" DVD Series on Film Distribution Just Released!

By: Jerome Courshon | April 5, 2011

Online or off, one cannot escape the constant negative chatter Filmmakers face in achieving distribution for their movies and documentaries. According to Producer and Distribution Expert Jerome Courshon, "The major problem is NOT the lack of viable options out there; it's the lack of knowledge and 'inside' information by most Producers & Directors. If they knew what alumni of my classes know, a larger percentage of them would actually get results!"

To help remedy this problem, Jerome Courshon has just released the groundbreaking DVD Series, "THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!" This comprehensive 3-Day Program -- based on Courshon's acclaimed Master Class -- features him and special guests as they cover every aspect of getting films distributed and into the marketplace.

The DVD Series contains 18 Hours of Instruction on 9 DVDs, plus 300 pages of resources, case studies and crucial distributor contact lists. Courshon's Program addresses all the questions and challenges Producers & Directors face today -- and provides proven strategies and solutions. Some of the topics addressed:

- I finished my movie... Now what?
- I played at Sundance but didn't get a deal... Is it over?
- I didn't get into Sundance and no one wants my movie... How can I turn this around?
- Everyone is buzzing about DIY... Is success possible this way?
- Everyone's excited about Internet & Digital Distribution... but where's the money?
- I want a traditional distribution deal... How do I attain this?
- I don't want to be screwed by distributors... How do I protect myself?

Jerome Courshon (GOD, SEX & APPLE PIE; LIFE WITH FIONA) learned the 'game' of distribution as a Producer in the trenches. From his film festival journeys to self-releasing his first movie into theaters to securing distribution with Warner Bros., Courshon has faced innumerable obstacles. And it's this hands-on "what works, what doesn't" approach that he is able to share with fellow Filmmakers to help them achieve real success.

The special guests participating in the Program are: Jon Reiss ("Think Outside the Box Office"), Mitch Levine (The Film Festival Group), Marc Rosenbush (Internet Marketing for Filmmakers), Alec McNayr (McBeard Media), Brian Stevenson (Vivendi Universal), and Linda Nelson (Nelson Madison Films / Indie Rights).

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