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Thunder Studios Unveils The Production Playground

By: Thunder Studios | February 25, 2014

Thunder Studios Unveils The Production Playground

When it comes to locations and sets for films, young filmmakers find it notoriously difficult to secure studio space and production equipment for their project, mostly due to a lack of funding. As a result, projects stagnate and take even more time to get off the ground. Thunder Studios aims to combat this issue with the introduction of The Production Playground.

Designed as a haven for content creation and collaboration, Thunder Studios has allocated 3 of its 20 stages, green screens, and a full repertoire of production equipment for The Production Playground. All of these amenities are offered at a very low cost to provide independent minds the opportunity to film their project when they could not afford to otherwise. Thunder Studios will also collaborate on projects with young filmmakers.

"There is a genuine opportunity for Thunder Studios to partner with Los Angeles' most valuable natural resource, its creative community, to produce and distribute content across all digital platforms," says Thunder Studios CEO Rodric David.

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About Thunder Studios

Thunder Studios is a full-service independent production studio in Long Beach, California comprising 20 studios, a backlot, and ample parking. The studio itself exceeds 150,000 square feet with the backlot totaling an additional 60,000 square feet. Thunder's soundstages can accommodate all types and sizes of productions, including feature-length films, television shows, music videos, commercials, and still photography.

Media Contact:
Jason Benesh
Creative Director
Thunder Studios

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