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ID Communications picks up world rights for award winning doc "The Last Safari"

By: ID Communications | February 11, 2014

ID Communications picks up world rights for award winning doc "The Last Safari"

ID Communications announces at the European Film Market in Berlin the acquisition of worldwide distribution rights for "The Last Safari" directed by Matt Goldman, based on the story of american photographer Elisabeth L. Gilbert, who spent more than 20 years photographing the people of African traditional cultures, in particular the Maasai and other Kenyan tribes.

A veteran Ms Gilbert is best known for her explosive photographic works in her books such as Broken Spears: A Masasai Journey. Matt Goldman director of the documentary, has captured the spirit not only of Ms Gilbert's deep connection with her subjects but a still deeper longing to see the richness of their communities and traditions preserved.

"This film is part history, part love letter; not only to the subjects in the movie, but to a time on this earth that has long since passed." says Matt Goldman, the film's director and editor.

Premiering at the Hamptons International Film Festival 2013, the film has garnered attention from a wide range of festivals including an award for Best Cinematography at DocUtah 2013, and nearly a dozen other festival nominations to date.

The woman behind the camera
"In my career as a photojournalist, the people and issues of Kenya in all their complexities, in all their splendor and beauty, have been in
front of my camera and shaped my life for more than twenty years. The film is an attempt to work out what I have struggled with on the inside, how to reconcile the modern world and all its advancement with the historic aspirations of traditional African values and culture." says Ms Gilbert.

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"When I saw Liz and Matt's film at the Bahamas Film Festival, I was struck not only by its bluechip expansive beauty, but the intergrity of the point of view, not imposing any kind of western world view on what Kenyans ought to think about the rapid transformation of their own society. I believe this film is not only an ethnographic masterpiece, spanning so many years of photojournalism through the inner regions of Kenya, but it remains accessible and really quite shockingly so, on so many levels given the sensitive nature of its subject. It gives a whole new meaning to an overused phrase, living history." says Dan Shannon, president of ID Communications.
The film currently completing its festival run, and is now available to worldwide markets. It will also be released on on both DVD and streaming media in the coming months.

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