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Launch of the Latin Co-Production Market MEETS in Panama with a $25,000 Prize

By: Panama Film Commission | December 16, 2013

Launch of the Latin Co-Production Market MEETS in Panama with a $25,000 Prize

From April 7 to 9, as part of the International Film Festival of Panama IFF Panama, the launch of
the first Latin American Co-production Market MEETS will offer a $25,000 prize to the winning film project.

The objective of the Co-production Market MEETS is to promote construction of networks for
co-production and to help the spreading of Latin American projects in final stage of development.
MEETS will help professionals of different sectors of film industry and projects ready to be
produced in Latin American network. This Market will also contribute to the positioning of Panama
as an exceptional hub for international film productions.

"I'm sure MEETS will provide to the Panamanian film industry and our filmmakers the necessary
tools to set up, raise funds, sell and promote their projects," said Arianne Benedetti,
Director of MEETS at the Latin American Film Market Ventana Sur.

";MEETS will contribute to Panama' s international position as the ideal place for development and film production. Panama is a country blessed with a strategic geographical location and a growing film industry supported a new Film Law, an International Film Festival, showing good health and making advances."

MEETS is a strong step in the growing development and consolidation of the Panamanian film

The call for submissions will be open from December 5 2013 to January 15, 2014. The
selected projects will be announced during the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) .

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