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Revolution Cinema Rentals Presents: The Holiday Education & Demonstration Festival

By: Revolution Cinema Rentals | December 3, 2013

Revolution Cinema Rentals Presents: The Holiday Education & Demonstration Festival

We will be hosting our Annual Holiday Cocktail Party with an Educational element to our clients, vendors and the public on December 14th, 2013 - 1pm to 7pm. This is an opportunity to witness two great Key Note Seminars detailed below. Attendee's will also enjoy a one on one experience with our vendors in the form of a open "touch and try" and party mixer. See our website for vendors in attendance.
Key Note # 1: Starts at 1:30pm

An eMotional Journey of Cinematic Immersion
Shane Hurlbut, ASC will go into the mechanics of how he uses the latest camera motion tools to immerse and audience. Something he calls "Expansive Intimacy" This will be like a master class on camera movement and structure. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rocket propelled experience.
Shane Hurlbut, ASC a veteran Director of Photography on films such as Terminator: Salvation, Act of Valor, Drumline and the up and coming Dreamworks release Need for Speed, starring Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton. Shane will go into depth on how these new 4K capture tools can be used to immerse an audience in ways never before imagined. Using the small footprint of the digital cameras and the incredible sensitivity of their sensor technology will take your independent film, commercial, music video and documentary production value so much higher.
Key Note # 2: Starts at 3pm -Timothy Kang - Cinematorgapher (AFI & ACES Board Memember of ASC)

Through lecture and a live demonstration of how to match footage from two completely different cameras, this seminar aims to encourage cinematographers to be leaders in digital filmmaking by presenting: digital imaging fundamentals; how to shoot digital like film; practical solutions for set and for post; and an explanation of ASC CDL and ACES. A plethora of misinformation marketing fluff surrounding digital filmmaking at all industry levels has conspired to reduce the role of the cinematographer in post and to create confusion & inefficiencies in the digital workflow. However, advances in modern and future technological standards exist and can restore the cinematographer's role as gatekeeper of the image and maintain image quality throughout the entire filmmaking pipeline.

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