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Spooky & Sophisticated Halloween Decor Ideas from Hollywood's Dapper Cadaver

By: Dapper Cadaver | October 14, 2013

Spooky & Sophisticated Halloween Decor Ideas from Hollywood\'s Dapper Cadaver

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. Creep out a group of ghoulish grown-ups with DIY Halloween decorating tips from BJ Winslow, owner of Dapper Cadaver prop shop in Los Angeles. Dapper Cadaver provides props for TV shows like American Horror Story and haunted houses like Six Flags Fright Fest. Here are some simple ways to take your Halloween decor to the next level:

Add a touch of mad science to your kitchen with some homemade fake specimen jars. Place a rubber heart, brain, snake or other creepy toy in a vintage jar. Fill the jar with 90% water and 10% rubbing alcohol to prevent mold. Add a few drops of caramel coloring to the water to get that antique formaldehyde look. Alternately, fill the jar with tonic water and rubbing alcohol to create blacklight-responsive specimen jars. Just point a blacklight at your row of creepy bottled specimens to watch them glow.

Go beyond sitting a skeleton in a chair or hanging it in the corner. A few choice costume pieces can take a simple skeleton to the next level. One easy character to make is an angel of death. Use some wire to tie a pair of angel wings to the rib cage of your skeleton. Take a typical grim reaper black cloak and cut a hole big enough for the wings to fit through in the back. Cut a few more holes to tatter the cloak and dress the winged skeleton.

Getting packaged cobwebs to look spindly is a common challenge. Stretch the cobwebs over a candelabra or other Halloween prop you would like to permanently cobweb. Then, spray the cobwebs with 3M90 glue spray from the hardware store and stretch your cobwebs even further. The trick is in alternating the cobweb stretching and spraying.

Create a blood-stained room without ruining the furniture. Mix stage blood with clear school glue to make permanent blood paint that looks wet even after it dries. Splatter it on canvas drop-cloths to place on the floor or drape over furniture. To go the extra mile, add a few fake blood pools made of plastic resin to the scene for a perfectly dry bloody mess.
For more Halloween decor ideas as well as an excellent selection of professional-grade Halloween props, visit the Dapper Cadaver website.

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